My Dress Up Darling Season 2: The Production of a Sequel Anime Has Been Confirmed

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My Dress Up Darling Season 2

A new teaser video for My Dress Up Darling season 2 has just verified that it is currently in development.

Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Ranking of Kings, and My Dress Up Darling in particular dominated the 2022 Winter anime schedule.

In the latter series, My Dress Up Darling, Marin became a global icon for well-written female characters, and it was undoubtedly the surprise smash of the anime airing schedule. Fans have been patiently waiting for information on the anime series’ future ever since the season 1 finale aired in March 2022, though.

Here is all the information fans need to know about the fantastic news that My Dress Up Darling will return with a sequel to season 2.

My Dress up Darling Season 2 Sequel Confirmed

The My Dress Up Darling website said today, September 17, that season 2 of the sequel was currently in production.

There will be a “Sono Kisehae Ningyo ha Koi Wo Suru” sequel, it has been decided. Future support for “Sono Kisebutsu Ningyo ha Koi Wo Suru” is what we anticipate from you. Anime website Bisquedoll

The creator of the original manga series, Shinichi Fukuda, said, “We are really thrilled. I sincerely appreciate it. I’m really excited about it, and I’m delighted I’ve been working as a manga artist, she continued.

A special teaser trailer, shown below, was also made available on the Aniplex YouTube channel along with the announcement of the renewal.

Fans of the popular anime series My Dress Up Darling were already certain that Marin and Gojo would carry on their growing romance into a second broadcast, thus the news of the My Dress Up Darling sequel is welcomed.

This is due to the fact that CloverWorks has plenty of material from the first Shinichi Fukuda manga series to adapt for a second anime season and the program is indubitably successful enough to warrant a renewal.

An explanation from Anime Geek states that episode 12 of My Dress Up Darling covered everything through manga volume 5 chapter 39. The good news is that the series is still ongoing and that as of September 17th, nine complete Tankobonvolumes have been published in Japan.

This indicates that there is readily enough source material accessible to launch My Dress Up Darling season 2 production right away.

Finally, we hold the opinion that the anime series is readily successful enough—both nationally and internationally—to justify CloverWorks’ decision to renew it for a second season. With over 452,000 reviews and 760,000 members, the series presently has an amazing 4.9/5 on Crunchyroll Reviews, 8.1/10 on IMDB, and 8.31/10 on MyAnimeList.

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In fact, My Dress Up Darling had the greatest rating on CloverWorks’ MyAnimeList during its broadcast since the first season of The Promised Neverland, which debuted in January 2019. Spy x Family, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl, Saekano the Movie, and The Promised Neverland season 1 have since exceeded it.

Therefore, it was natural to assume that the production studio would be eager to create additional anime content for the My Dress Up Darling franchise, which is fantastic news for fans of the popular show.

The series has consistently maintained a high position in the several viewer surveys that are conducted during the entire anime broadcast schedule. My Dress Up Darling, which has been on the Top 10 lists for ten weeks straight, has won six-weekly Best Anime surveys since its release, according to Anime Trending!

What Date Could My Dress up Darling Season 2 Release?

Overall, it was only a matter of time before CloverWorks confirmed season 2 of My Dress Up Darling, but when could it release? Considering both the availability of source material from the manga series and the remarkable popularity of the anime adaptations with a global audience.

My Dress Up Darling season 2’s release window has not yet been determined, however, based on season 1’s production cycle, we may guess when it will return.

The ninth edition of the Young Gangan magazine, published in April 2021, made a public announcement about the anime adaptation of the popular manga series. Ten months later, on January 9, 2023, Episode 1 would then have its Japanese television network debut.

The quantity of source material that CloverWorks currently has access to for season 2 is the only issue with this. As was previously mentioned, the first season of the manga covered chapters 5 through 9, which were published in Japan.

This suggests that CloverWorks should ideally wait until at least one, if not two, more manga volumes have been published if they wish to keep their season duration of 12 episodes.

According to author Shinichi Fukuda’s current plan for publishing new material, readers can anticipate the release of the following volume in five to six months, or around November 2022.

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How to read the original manga in English

Anime fans may possibly see Marin and Gojo return as early as July 2023, if CloverWorks could maintain a similar production cycle for the second season; however, an October 2023 return on the Fall slate is also very likely.

In Japan, nine complete manga volumes have been published; however, Square Enix’s English edition is currently lagging behind the domestic run.

Six volumes have been released in English as of September 2022, and volume 7 will be released in January 2023.

You may buy physical copies of the English-language volumes of the My Dress Up Darling manga series at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Indigo.

Fans can also purchase the manga for reading on digital platforms from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Indigo.

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