Where to Get Barbie Tina Tuner?

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In honor of the singer’s No. 1 smash, Barbie has released a Tina Turner collector doll, but where can I buy it?

One of the most recognizable musicians in the business, Turner has created a number of top hits throughout the years.

In recognition of her debut single, which managed to top the Billboard charts, Barbie has now presented a design as payment for all of her incredible efforts.

What We Know About the Doll

The doll was unveiled by Barbie as an addition to their Barbie Signature Music Series on October 13. It was made public to celebrate the singer’s No. 1 smash song, What’s Love Got to Do With It, which will turn 40 this year.

She released the song on her album Private Dancer. The doll also wears a black tiny dress that is combined with a denim jacket, fishnet stockings, and black shoes, imitating the iconic outfit that Turner donned for the song.

The doll also imitates her attire and hairstyle.

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Where to Buy the Doll?

Amazon, Walmart, Target, and MattelCreations.com all sell the doll. The cost is $55.

Its summary reads, “Barbie commemorates the incredible music career and journey of Tina Turner, from a little girl singing in her rural Tennessee church choir to becoming the famous icon acknowledged as the undisputed Queen of Rock n Roll.”

A microphone accessory and doll stand make this posable doll perfect for presentation, and it continues, “Her distinctive haircut, drop earrings, and black heels complete her outfit. Doll can’t stand by herself. Colors and embellishments may differ.

Other Singers that Are Part of This Collection

In addition to Turner’s doll, Barbie has also worked with Gloria Estefan, David Bowie, and Elvis Presley.

Barbie first launched Estefan’s doll back in September 2022, before Turner’s doll was made available. Her Cuban ancestry served as inspiration for the doll.

In the meantime, the Presley doll was launched in 2021, and the Bowie doll in June 2022.

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