The Actor Kevin Bacon Is Not Dead, Despite Rumors About a Dead Man with The Same Name.

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Actor Kevin Bacon Is Not Dead

If Kevin Bacon’s followers have asked whether he would indeed be dead in 2022 on social media, please don’t worry; the actor is still very much alive.

In contrast to previous web hoaxes that falsely report the passing of renowned people, Kevin’s situation is confusing for a reason.

Many people appear to have mistaken the celebrity for a dead man with the same name who was purportedly slain in 2019.

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Kevin Bacon Isn’t Dead

In 2022, Kevin is still alive and doing well.

In reality, he posted a “scary” trailer for his upcoming movie on Instagram a few hours ago, on October 19, 2022.

Additionally, he released his personal playlist yesterday, which he uses to listen to music while walking his dog.

He claimed that listening to the tunes he’s suggested here is the only method to truly beat the Monday Blues.

Why, then, do some fans worry about the actor? Learn more below.


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Kevin Bacon (@kevinbacon) shared a blog entry.

A Man With The Same Name Was Murdered in 2019

After Mark Latunk of Michigan admitted to killing Kevin Bacon, there was confusion on Twitter, according to Foxnews.

The victim was a Swartz Creek resident aged 25. Kevin’s roommate claimed that Mark and he met on Christmas Eve after getting in touch via a dating app.

According to reports, Kevin’s body was discovered in Mark’s home on December 28.

Many people believed the actor Kevin to be the victim after hearing about Mark’s sentencing, but this isn’t the case.

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Matthew Perry Was Subject to Similar Confusion

On his birthday, Matthew Perry was trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons as some fans grew very alarmed after hearing about the passing of another man with the same name.

Matthew Perry, another person, was reported to have died in a car accident at the time by M Live.

According to the police report, Bangor resident Matthew Perry, 49, was riding the motorcycle when he was declared dead at the scene.

Actor Kevin Bacon Is Not Dead

These kinds of misunderstandings are still reasonable, but watch out for hoaxes that lead you to believe that a particular star has passed away.

Make sure to report suspicious social media posts at all times to avoid the misinformation from growing.

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