Cannabis Seed Storage Containers: 5 Best Cannabis Seed Storage Containers in 2022!

Cannabis Seed Storage Containers

We’re big believers in keeping your weed safe, so we compiled a list of the top 5 weed storage options, including containers, boxes, and jars.

The vast majority of cannabis consumers store their buds in plastic bags, despite the fact that doing so can have a negative impact on the quality of their weed.

When it comes to bud, both light pollution and a lack of airtight storage might reduce its effectiveness.

No need to worry that we’ll waste your time with a bunch of dry information about light, the curing process, or anything else.

Simply, we’d like to present the Top 5 Cannabis Connoisseur-Recommended Containers, Stash Boxes, and Jars on the market today.

Best Cannabis Storage Containers

The items in this list are not arranged in any particular order; rather, we included both high-end and more affordable choices so that you can find what works best for you. Here are the top five cannabis jars, boxes, and other storage options that we recommend:

1. Mason-Re Re: Stash Jars

Cannabis Seed Storage Containers

At HotBox, we love Mason-Re: Stash Re’s Jars. These are standard mason jars with a few convenient additions, like a Koozie cover to keep out the sun and a screw-on lid designed to keep curious little fingers out. Because we were already using mason jars for our stashes before Re: Stash, this was a fantastic addition to our supply. You may also read our in-depth review of Mason-Re to find out more.

To sum up, Re: Stash Jars are ideal for keeping your cannabis fresh for an extended period of time. The Koozie does an excellent job of shielding your family from UV rays, and the childproof lid will help you comply with various rules in medical and recreational states.

As an added bonus, the prices are incredibly reasonable, starting at $16.00 for the 4 oz and going up to $20.00 for the 12 oz, each of which can hold roughly an ounce of bud depending on the size of the nugs. If you already have regular mason jars, you can save money by purchasing the lids and Koozie separately.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a unique container for your belongings, you can have a bespoke design printed on your Koozie.

2. Cannador Cannabis Humidor

Cannabis Seed Storage Containers

You could say that the Cannador is the pinnacle of cannabis luxury in terms of current storage containers. Cannador is constructed of solid mahogany as opposed to cedar and comes with VaporBeads for humidification, making it perfect for storing your premium cannabis for an extended period of time. This is the ultimate stash box for true connoisseurs, and its price reflects that.

Don’t let the low price mislead you; this humidor was made to maintain your cigars in ideal conditions. Even without opening the package, you can see the relative humidity and temperature thanks to the Blustream Hygrometer and its accompanying app.

Before purchasing, you may want to read one of our previous reviews, in which we went into further detail and even conducted an interview with the creator. The cheapest Cannador package has 2 strains and costs $160, while the most expensive package includes 6 strains and costs $308.

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3. Two-In-One GnarJars

Cannabis Seed Storage Containers

Finally, a cannabis storage container that doubles as a jar are included on our list; they’re called GnarJars. The GnarJars are not only composed of the same borosilicate glass as bongs but also have a cover that acts as an airtight seal and additional storage for concentrates.

Good news for fans of having both options available. The jar is airtight and can hold up to 1 ounce of flower, and its cover is made of medical-grade platinum-cured silicone. GnarJars are offered in a number of different color schemes at a reasonable price of $29 each.

Customers who have bought GnarJars often remark that the product is of higher quality than they expected.

4. Jars For Smokus Focus Stash

Cannabis Seed Storage Containers

It’s possible that Smokus Focus has the most innovative cannabis storage containers on the market today. The Smokus Focus is a rechargeable magnifying display jar, the first of its kind. Definitely cutting edge in the technological sense. This is the perfect stash container to flaunt your Cup-caliber cannabis to the world. The LED lights inside the stash jar make your bud look great, and the magnifying glass on the lid lets you inspect your trichomes up close.

The LED light has an 18-hour runtime per charge and can be recharged in a few hours. You can pick from two different sizes and a rainbow of color options. The only drawbacks are the high pricing (between $49 and $59) and the cheap plastic construction.

You should usually keep your buds in glass, but we’ll make an exception for this brilliant creation. Smokes Focus deserves kudos for creating such attractive cannabis display jars, which should be available in every dispensary if not already there. An assured icebreaker.

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5. Bud Bottles

Cannabis Seed Storage Containers

The first three cannabis storage containers are very flashy, but what about a portable option? From a distance, Bud Bottles don’t look like much, but we’ve found that almost everyone who receives one from us enjoys it to the fullest. This bottle is cheap at just $2.99 and has the added benefits of being lightweight, odor-proof, and almost unbreakable glass.

The Bud Bottle is small enough to fit in your hand but large enough to store around an eighth of ground marijuana. This is a convenient sum to have on hand for unexpected expenses or a quick visit to a friend’s place. Bud bottles have been dropped numerous times without breaking.

It’s only a notion, but I suppose the bottle’s dimensions and form lend it certain robustness. Cannabis bottles are a no-brainer for anyone who needs to covertly and cheaply store roughly an eighth of bud.

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