Smart Cannabis Corp.: Everything You Need To Know About The Smart Cannabis Corp!

Smart Cannabis Corp

The new executive management team at Smart Cannabis Corp. (the “Company”) is excited to announce the addition of a CBD and hemp retail operation to the company’s growing list of offerings.

The Company has appointed Mark Cheung as its Interim Chief Executive Officer with the goal of identifying promising retail CBD and hemp businesses in the third quarter of 2019. Since the Company was already constructing and selling greenhouses tailored to the cannabis industry, he felt that selling CBD and hemp products to the general public was a natural progression.

Smart Cannabis Corp

The Company completed its acquisition of Budding Botanicals on October 1, 2019, and the business has since changed its name to Next Generation Farming, Inc.

There is a firm named Budding Botanicals that has been selling CBD and hemp products via their website.

We couldn’t be more elated about the opening of a brand new CBD/Hemp retail operation. When asked about the new activities and who will be leading them, interim CEO Mark Cheung stated, “Please stay tuned for future developments.” Thus, we think that establishing the Company in the cannabis market will immediately increase development prospects and create value for our shareholders.

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What We Can Tell You About Smart Cannabis Co.

Smart Cannabis Corp

The leaders of Smart Cannabis Corp. have extensive experience launching and expanding successful businesses. The company’s leadership has been instrumental in launching at least one “bell weather” venture in the cannabis sector. Smart Cannabis’s first profitable period began after nearly 90 days.

Next Generation Farming and Sap Investments call Northern California home since it is one of the most lucrative markets for the cannabis business. Sales and market share growth for the company’s SMART by Design line of automated greenhouse systems, as well as the patenting of the SMART APP software that drives it, all speak to the company’s sustained success. Commercial organic food production and pharmaceutical research are two of the company’s secondary markets.

Using cutting-edge greenhouse technology, Smart Cannabis Corp. has become a leader in the rapidly expanding cannabis and hemp industries. As a member of Generation Farming, the company is also involved in the development of commercial greenhouse and automation systems for organic food and cannabis farmers. Greenhouses built to your exact specifications can also be ordered.

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Safe Harbor

Smart Cannabis Corp

This press release may contain forward-looking statements, which may be affected by factors such as the Company’s inability to successfully complete the development of new or enhanced products, the Company’s future capital needs, a lack of market demand for new or enhanced products the Company may develop, any adverse actions by the Company’s affiliates, the success of competitive products, and other economic factors. The outcomes predicted in this press release may not correspond with the actual outcomes. The company is under no obligation to update the information in this press release.

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