Variety of Cannabis: Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Strains!

variety of cannabis

Vaporizing cannabis flower in a bong or pipe or inhaling it directly are two ways to take it (i.e., smoking a blunt or joint). This variety of marijuana is popular among consumers for both medical and recreational purposes.

Typical weed flowers are small, green, and grow in “clusters” of several. There are also five primary parts to a cannabis flower’s anatomy:

  • Trichomes: hairlike growths that appear on cannabis buds
  • Bracts: the reproductive parts of a female cannabis plant
  • Calyx: a series of small leaves that coil at the flower’s stem
  • Leaflets: leaflike parts of a flower that are also called “sugar leaves”
  • Stigma (or Pistil): a structure covered in resin that captures pollen for the fertilization process

Effects & Storage of Cannabis Flower

Depending on the user, the amount inhaled, and the strain, different cannabis flowers have different effects. Furthermore, not everyone has the same amount of tolerance. It is therefore frequently advised that new users start with the lowest dose possible. However, the full effects of marijuana flower typically begin to manifest after 30 to 60 minutes and get weaker with time.

Additionally, it’s important to keep cannabis flowers properly to avoid rot. This type of marijuana should be kept in airtight (hermetically sealed) containers.

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Different Cannabis Flower Types

Variety of Cannabis

Indica, Sativa, and hybrid are the three main types of cannabis flowers. Each of these strains satisfies particular requirements, yields various outcomes, and hence has particular advantages. Here’s a look at each of these three cannabis flower varieties up close.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels are low in Indica cannabis, which is grown indoors and can reach heights of up to 6 feet. It can only flower for a little time and is best planted in areas with short winters.

Additionally, Indica promotes more relaxation. As a result, this strain is a great option for reducing tension and pain, and it also has the ability to help your muscles relax. Indica can also help you fall asleep by reducing motion sickness and boosting your appetite.


Compared to Indica and other strains, Sativa cannabis often has higher THC content. It grows close to the equator, has considerably longer, thinner leaves than Indica, and produces lesser yields. Sativas also do better in warmer climates.

You may become more talkative than usual because Sativa increases brain activity, especially creativity. People who frequently feel social anxiety, as well as those who have depression, ADHD, or mood disorders, should choose Sativa.


Cannabis hybrid strains are your best option if you want to experience both energy and calm. Indica and Sativa traits are frequently combined in hybrids, as their name implies. As a result, many hybrids can promote relaxation.

Hybrids typically produce good yields and have great insect resistance. Because these blooms include such a diverse range of DNA, hybrids also lack distinctive leaf height, shape, or other characteristics. Hybrid strains typically go through a 6- to the 10-week flowering cycle.

Other Types Of Cannabis Plants

Cannabis Ruderalis

Being about 20 to 25 inches tall, Cannabis Ruderalis is a noticeably little variety of marijuana plants. Ruderalis has substantial leaves, just like Indica. Due to its lower level of psychoactivity, Cannabis Ruderalis is not as well-known as other marijuana strains.

Industrial Hemp

A subspecies of Sativa cannabis, industrial hemp is produced only for industrial use. Textiles, paper, paint, and biofuel are just a few examples of commercial products that can be converted. THC levels in hemp products are typically low (under 0.3%).

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Discuss Cannabis Flower with Pure Cannabis Experts

Variety of Cannabis

Get in touch with the experts at Pure Oasis to find out more about the many varieties of cannabis flower and their advantages. Our user-friendly environment and highly informed budtenders about all of our premium products make us the first legal marijuana dispensary in Boston.

We provide a wide selection of flower strains, including Sativa, Indica, and hybrids, as well as a variety of consumption tools, including pipes, bongs, vape pens, and pre-rolled joints. The full effects of cannabis flower usually begin to manifest after 30 to 60 minutes and then fade away over time, though everyone has a different tolerance threshold.

We advise new users to start with the lowest dose that is currently available. Regardless of whether you need marijuana for recreational or medical purposes, we are committed to meeting your individual requirements.

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