How to Tag Someone on Instagram Story

How to Tag Someone on Instagram Story

Users are encouraged to tag friends and followers on Instagram by the entertaining and engaging material the platform offers. It’s possible that you wish to draw their attention to something, or that a similar message reminds you of something. If so, it might be a good idea to mention or tag them. Are you, nevertheless, … Read more

Elevate Your Calling Experience: The Impact of Call Wallpapers

call wallpaper

Personalization is essential in the digital age to ensure that each connection feels distinct. Customization on mobile phones extends beyond the home screen and lock screen as they become more and more like extensions of our identities. Call backgrounds are a frequently disregarded feature that can drastically alter our perception of incoming calls. What Do … Read more

What Happens When You Restrict Someone on Instagram?

what happens when you restrict someone on instagram

We now find it simpler to communicate with others through various platforms including Snaps, comments, likes, and texting thanks to the social media world. Even if these exchanges are generally beneficial, it is advisable to occasionally take a break. Thankfully, Instagram offers a useful option called “Restrict Account” that lets you block and hide unwanted … Read more

How to Make a Twitter Account Public on Desktop and Android?

how to make twitter account public

Take Your Twitter Account Public! Displeased with your quiet Twitter persona? Are you keen to share your tweets with a wider audience? Thankfully, changing your Twitter account to public mode is simple! You can easily change your privacy settings by following the instructions in this article. It will make your Twitter account public. Enter your … Read more

How to Enable Announce Calls on Your iPhone?

announce calls iphone

iOS 10 brought the Announce Call function to the iPhone. Every time you receive a call, your iPhone will announce the caller’s name if you enable it. It will show as an unknown number if the number is not in your contact list. It makes sense when your phone is out of reach or not … Read more

How to Combine Videos Into One on an iPhone?

how to combine videos on iphone

For various reasons, we are all happy when we watch videos. It should come as no surprise that your iPhone is filled with videos. What if you combined all of your favorite iPhone genre videos into one? For instance, you could combine all of the humorous videos into one. In this manner, you can see … Read more

If I Block Someone Can I Still Text Them on Iphone or Android?

if i block someone can i still text them

Unsolicited marketing calls have been coming in a lot lately, so I’ve been attempting to block any number that seems like it might be a marketing team trying to sell me something. I intended to stop all communication with them, including text messages, but I wasn’t sure if disconnecting their number would stop them from … Read more