How to Blur a Photo on iPhone or Android?

how to blur photo on iphone

Getting the right angle and lighting for your photos is an art form, even though all it takes to take them is to press the “Capture” button. It is essential to understand how to blur an image on an iPhone so that the main topic takes center stage and the background objects receive the least … Read more

How to Completely Turn Off imessage Notifications on Your Mac?

how to turn off imessage notifications on mac

Although iMessage on your iPhone and Mac is a handy method to remain in touch with friends and family, the notifications on your account can be annoying when you’re trying to focus or work. You may disable iMessage on your Mac, mute iMessage notifications, change notification settings, and sign out of iMessage when you’re done … Read more

Troubleshooting Share Focus Status Not Working on iPhone: A Brief Guide

share focus status not working

With iPhones, you can easily share your current activity, location, or mood with friends and family by using the Share Focus Status feature. It’s a seamless method to keep them informed about your whereabouts and activities. It can be annoying, nevertheless, to run into problems with this functionality. This detailed troubleshooting guide can help you … Read more

How to Save Facebook Videos to Your iPhone?

how to save facebook videos to iphone

Suddenly, as you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, you come across a video that you really want to use somewhere. You don’t know how to save videos from Facebook to an iPhone, which is the issue. Fear not—we’ve got you covered. We’ll walk you through three useful methods for transferring Facebook videos to your iPhone’s … Read more

How to Enable Grayscale Mode on Your iPhone

how to grayscale iphone

You can utilize an additional feature to make the iPhone’s display easier on the eyes in addition to the well-known dark mode. Known as Color Filter, this accessibility feature essentially applies color filters to the screen to help visually impaired users distinguish between colors. Grayscale is one of the color filters; it eliminates color and … Read more