What Was the Reason for Eric Mumford’s Death?

The specifics of Eric Mumford’s passing have not been announced just yet. Famous divorce judge Lynn Toler was shocked to find that her husband, Eric Mumford, or “Big E,” had died abruptly on December 23, 2022, at the age of 71.

His wife, Lynn Toler, is still grieving after his passing. Over the course of their marriage, Eric Mumford and Judge Lynn Candace Toler have shared more than three decades together.

In 1989, the pair tied the knot, and Lynn hasn’t stopped bragging on social media about how happy she is with her husband.

For what reason did Eric Mumford pass away?

For what reason did Eric Mumford pass away?

Lynn shared the news of Eric’s death on Instagram. Where she posted a picture of the two of them sitting together with the statement “From January 1, 1951, BigE Eric Mumford passed away, and he will be remembered until December 23, 2022.

I’ve broken down into a thousand pieces.” Lynn did not reveal the particular circumstances of Eric’s passing. Lynn sent an open letter to the editor of The Huffington Post in 2012, in which she discussed her romance with Eric in detail.

She discussed how their love developed over the years and how it has lasted for so long. He began his life on January 1, 1951, in Ohio, and in 1986 he began dating Lynn. Lynn adopted Eric’s four kids from his first marriage, despite the fact that Eric already had two sets of kids from his first marriage.

The couple eventually had two additional offspring of their own. Lynn may have ruled over a divorce court, but she still doesn’t know everything there is to know about fixing broken relationships.

They “were off the road and deep in the weeds,” she wrote, referring to herself and Eric (whom she always called “Big E“). The year apart allowed the pair to rethink their relationship and, according to Lynn, fix their communication problems.

It’s no longer acceptable to “act on that right-now sensation” without thinking about the long-term ramifications, she added. She elaborated afterward, saying, “We have made a conscious decision to be consciously married.”

All of us here at the office is keeping Eric’s loved ones in our thoughts and prayers.

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The History of Judge Lynn Toler and Eric “Big E.” Mumford’s Romantic Relationship

The History of Judge Lynn Toler and Eric "Big E." Mumford's Romantic Relationship

The pair first met in 1986 and began dating for three years before getting married in 1989. Mumford has four kids from his first marriage. And then he and Toler had two more kids. After being together for 30 years, the pair eventually ran across marital problems they’d talked about before.

Lynn likewise acknowledged that the relationship was unbalanced, but she went on to say that the couple’s marriage flourished once she learned to constructively voice her concerns. Eric, the 72-year-old judge who was everyone’s favorite, died, leaving his family in mourning.

According to Lynn, their communication problems were fixed after they had evaluated the situation for a year. To continue, she said, “We no longer act on that right-now sensation without contemplating long-term ramifications,” As a couple, “we have decided to be married with our eyes open.”

As the author and host said in 2017: “Once I got over the anger, I started to confront my concerns and learn how to communicate successfully,” He imitated me because he saw that my transformation was to his benefit. Despite the fact that it didn’t feel like it at first, he did finally succeed.

After that, we stopped battling each other and focused on resolving the issue at hand. And she went on, “Of course, this is not a guarantee that we will get to happily ever after. Life together is a long road, and it’s always changing. However, we have found that being conscious has improved our marriage.

We are aware of the tension between our many wants. No more do we act on impulse without thinking about the future. We have decided to be a married couple in every sense of the word. We’re keeping our fingers crossed, too.