Are “Love Island USA” Couple Alana And Charlie Still Together?

On Love Island USA Season 3, there were four couples in the finals, and one won the $100,000 prize. Charlie Lynch and Alana Paolucci have the lowest chance of making it to the final four.

Charlie crushed Cashay Proudfoot’s heart and sent her home early, turning him into an instant villain. They did, however, make it to the finals because of Alana’s likeability.

They received a fourth-place finish. Are they still dating or did they break up after the show?

What Was Alana And Charlie’s Relationship Like?

In week four of Love Island USA season 3, Charlie Lynch, a 30-year-old company owner from Houston, Texas, debuted as a bombshell at Casa Amor. Charlie and Cashay were brought back to the main villa after Casa Amor. In week five, a 28-year-old New York City-based real estate assistant named Alana Paolucci joined. She, Charlie, and Cashay, who was still in love with Cinco, become embroiled in a love triangle as a result of her appearance.

are alana and charlie still together

However, Charlie ultimately decided on Alana during a re-coupling, and the two remained partnered throughout. Charlie and Alana finished in fourth place, according to host Arielle Vandenberg of the Love Island season 3 finale. So, from Love Island USA season 3, are Charlie and Alana still together?

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Are Alana And Charlie Still Together?

Irrespective of how they met, the couple appeared to have true affection for one another, and when their families called in close to the season finale, they voiced their acceptance.

They came in fourth mainly because viewers could see other relationships blossom and the newer pair didn’t get much screen time. Charlie acknowledged in a subsequent interview with Pop Culture that he had wondered what would have happened if he had picked Cash rather than Alana.

are alana and charlie still together

A month after leaving the island, the two made it public that They Are Not Together a short while afterward. According to reports, she stopped things permanently because of his allegedly frequent partying. Charlie also reportedly claimed he missed Cashay and that he wanted to continue delving into their relationship.

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“Love Island USA” Alana Explains Her And Charlie’s Breakup

After Love Island USA finished, Alana Paolucci thought she and Charlie Lynch may start dating. Long-distance relationships have been successful for other couples in the past, such as Cashay and Cinco Holland.

Charlie, on the other hand, abandoned Alana exactly like he did Cashay on the show. It all began when Charlie admitted he wasn’t convinced he made the proper choice to leave Cashay on the show during the post-show interviews.

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The incorrect thing to say was that it made Alana feel unimportant.  Alana claimed there was more to the separation than just that, though.

are alana and charlie still together

On her Instagram story four months after the breakup, Alana stated that the relationship failed because it became “Too Messy.” Apart from Charlie’s never-ending partying, Alana blamed it on the pressure. She acknowledged “too much pressure” played a part.