Are All The Lionesses Gay? Female Athletes On LGBTQ+ Representation

Are All The Lionesses Gay? I bet you are still not over the summer of 2019 when our eyes were glued to television watching FIFA Women’s World Cup and hearts were captured by the Lionesses of England. Same pinch!

Lionesses are back again making us lose our minds over their gameplay. But this time, it is their personal life which has got us curious. The question regarding the Lionesses being gay is not a new one.

Keep reading the article to know more about the sexuality of the players of the England Football Team and to know the answer to the most searched question- ‘Are All The Lionesses Gay?’

How Many Lionesses Are Gay? The LGBTQ+ England Team Playing in 2023 FIFA

Are All The Lionesses Gay?

are all the lionesses gay

The answer is no. Not all Lionesses are gay. but yes, a considerable number of players have come out of the closet and even revealed their relationship status. According to reports, there were a total of 41 players in the 2019 World Cup who were openly gay or bisexual. And 6 out of these were from the Lionesses team.

There are some big names among the list of Lionesses who are gay. This include Beth Mead, Leah Williamson, Rachel Daly, Jess Carter, Bethany England, Demi Stokes, and Lauren Hemp.

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History of LGBTQ+ Representation in FIFA

are all the lionesses gay

No doubt, we’ve come a long way. There use to be a time when women were banned from participating in sports, let alone, sports at a national or international level. Today, we are not only supporting women playing international sports, but also bashing gender norms in sports.

Players coming out as queer and fighting for the representation of the LGTB+ community is not only breaking the stereotypes of the bigoted world but also making the world a safer place for everyone collectively.