Are Any Couples From ‘Perfect Match’ Still Together? What Happened To The Contestants After The Dating Competition Show!

A number of past reality show contestants from Netflix have reunited for a crazy new dating competition called Perfect Match, and it turns out that a few of them used to be romantically involved with each other.

Joey Sasso, who won the first season of The Circle, and Kariselle Snow, who is best known as the panda from Sexy Beasts, are among the single people who move into the villa on night one. As one of the more intriguing couples on Perfect Match, the bartender and pageant queen (whose first reality show was really MTV’s Are You The One?

Season 8, featuring an all sexually-fluid cast) had a lot of history between them before they were cast on the show. Find out here what happened between Kariselle and Joey before season 1 of Perfect Match, how their relationship developed throughout filming, and whether or not they are still together now.

What Happened to Dom and Georgia Following the Events of “Perfect Match”?

What happened to Dom and Georgia following the events of "Perfect Match"?

When it comes to the first four episodes of Perfect Match, Dom Gabriel has had his fair share of highs and lows. Dom paired up with crowd favorite Francesca Farago on the first night. Their relationship was rocky from the start, especially after the Too Hot to Handle starlet dumped him for Love Is Blind actor Damian Powers.

“A former cast member of “The Mole” recently revealed to Narcity, “I didn’t know her history with Damian, and a lot of people in the house were bringing it up and asking whether I was worried about it.” “I guess you could call me innocent. Yet, I believed her when she said I could.” Dom was fortunate in that there was still a chance for success.

Georgia Hassarati of Too Hot to Handle took a chance when she asked Dom to be her boyfriend, and the resulting romance between the two reality stars was real. Although Georgia and Dom look completely committed to one another on the show, the spark between them appears to have faded once production wrapped.

Both the star of The Mole and the former star of Too Hot to Handle do not appear to be romantically connected in the year 2023. Georgia may even be seeing another reality TV star in the dating scene.

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A Diamond Couple: Ethan and Amber

A Diamond Couple: Ethan and Amber

A perfect match is a couple who has been married for at least four years and has at least two children. When Scarlet’s sister Serena was born in June, she was 3 years old and helped her parents welcome her. Oh, and they’re the only “Perfect Match” (the experts paired them, in case you were wondering) to remain together after the show ended.

“Everyone wants to know our secret now that we’re the only matched pair to survive Are You The One? To wit: Altruism, “The Instagram post by Amber. “You do things that encourage and strengthen one another, rather than hinder and divide. Because I know that Ethan would do the same for me, I make every effort to see that he realizes his full potential.”

Curtis Hadzicki and Jennifer Knapmiller

These two are living proof that love may take its sweet time to blossom. They weren’t very interested in each other during season two’s filming, but they hit it off after production concluded, and they announced their relationship during the reunion. This pair made their engagement public in October 2020.

Mikala Thomas and Joe Torgerson

The two alumni became friends and then declared in August 2018 that they were dating, despite never having competed against each other. “The truth has been revealed. I felt it was important to keep this one close to me, where it would be protected “Instagram posts Mikala.

Yet I feel that eight months is long enough to hide my relationship. The two would officially become engaged in February 2021. After being recognized as the show’s first perfect match ever, Mikala and Cameron became a fan-favorite coupling throughout season four. Their breakup occurred in the first few months of 2017.

Meanwhile, Joe made an appearance in Season 6, where it was revealed that he had dated Taylor in Season 5. Sure, the show has a lot of incestuous relationships, and when we get to Joe’s “ideal match” Uche in Season 6, things get even more complicated.

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Uche Nwosu and Clinton Moxam

Uche Nwosu and Clinton Moxam 

When the two first met in the AYTO season six home, they struck up an instant and profound connection. After learning from the truth booth that they were not a perfect match, they both found it difficult to stay away from each other.

The relationship between Uche and Clinton, however, continued after the program ended, and Uche even asked Clinton to be his girlfriend at the reunion. They made their engagement official in June 2020. They were legally wed in September 2021.

Does The Episode “Perfect Match” Leave Joey and Kariselle Together?

As of 16 February, there is almost little information available on social media about the couple’s relationship status. They don’t even follow each other on Instagram, which may just be the production crew of Perfect Match trying to avoid any overly curious viewers. As the February 28th series finale approaches, we will continue to monitor the show for any hints.