Why Kashel and Kiara Are Not Living Together?

Kyra Green’s experience on “Love Island” was a whirlwind that altered the course of her life both during and after filming. In the first season of Love Island USA, Kyra Green competed. In the pilot episode of the love competition show, five eligible young men and women check into a luxurious villa.

These 10 singles have all come to the program in the hopes of finding love and, of course, taking home the grand prize of $100,000. The island of Fiji served as the setting for the show’s production. All that was missing were the Islanders to make the setting even more romantic, entertaining, and sensual.

Kyra Green’s season of Love Island lived up to the show’s reputation for high drama from the very beginning, as each of the five single men was given the chance to pair off with the woman they believed was the most interesting and exciting.

Kyra Green was not one of the five women who initially visited the villa; nonetheless, once she has done so, things quickly became difficult, if not downright chaotic.

Do Kyra and Cashel still date?

Do Kyra and Cashel still date?

The relationship between Kyra Green and Cashel Barnett has ended. Kyra and Cashel appeared to be getting along swimmingly after leaving the show. They frequently shared images of themselves looking deeply in love, publicly announcing their feelings for one another, and enjoying life’s milestones as a couple.

They collaborated on musical projects and launched a YouTube channel under the name “Kyra and Cash” because of their shared musical abilities. A romance that had been on and off for a few months finally ended in October 2019.

In a video on YouTube, Cashel explained that he and Kyra had decided to discontinue their relationship as a “girlfriend/boyfriend” arrangement. It was a two-way street. Even now, she is the only woman for me.

Upon hearing Kyra tell Cashel, “I still love you,” he said, “We’ve just decided that we both need to take care of ourselves, look at ourselves, and you know not to drag each other through that because it’s not fair to each other.”

Reportedly, though, they patched things up that same year, in the month of November. Nonetheless, they went their separate ways once more by the year’s end. In February 2020, Cashel found out on the #NoFilter show that Kyra had stopped following him on social media.

In response, he added, “We had a nice go. We’re probably simply at different points in our life right now… For all I know, she may have blocked my phone. In August of that year (2020), Kyra declared to Bustle that they are “two very different kinds of individuals.”

When pressed further, she admitted, “I’m not a cheater myself, and I should have broken up with him after he initially cheated on me. However, things quickly went downhill from there. When we first met, I had my doubts about him. He didn’t have faith in me.

Cashel interpreted Kyra’s words very differently. “I’ve never heard of that before,” he mused. Kyra and Cashel appear to have buried the hatchet and occasionally collaborate on projects despite the chaos that came along with their romance.

Kyra, at 25 years old, is openly bisexual and has been in a few relationships but is presently single. In addition to her modeling career, she is a member of the band 212 Green alongside her sister Tori and brother Riley.

Several months following their final breakup, Cashel began dating a fellow musician called Alexandra Karacozoff. Unfortunately, things have moved on without them. This means that the model and musician, who is 30, is currently also single. In case you were wondering, Kyra and Cashel have teamed up to compete in “The Challenge: USA.”

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Kyra Green is occupied with her modeling career.

Kyra Green is occupied with her modeling career.

Since the first season of Love Island finished in 2019, Kyra has been sharing her life with her followers online, where she has also proven adept at the modeling game. She has become the very epitome of a social media influencer with her Instagram feed filled with both professional modeling shots and selfies. She regularly advertises lingerie, swimwear, and drink brands on her page.

The reality star became close with Cely Vazquez, who appeared on Love Island season 2, and the three of them frequently hang out and post images of themselves together to their social media accounts. Kyra has recently begun to refer to Cely as her “valentine,” and the two have even posed for a photo together on this festival dedicated to romantic love.

Kyra hasn’t been giving her followers any updates on her love life as of late, and she doesn’t seem to be seeing anyone. The last time the model posted a photo of herself with a man was in October of 2020 when she posed with Harry Jowsey of Too Hot to Handle. Despite the speculation that their humorous post sparked, the two were not romantically involved.