Which couples from Season 2 of “Love Island USA” are still together?

Despite her bad start in the villa, fans quickly grew engrossed in the Congolese native Justine and her search for love. Her luck changed when the new kid, Caleb, arrived and she finally made a friend.

Justine and Caleb won $100,000 and went on to maintain a long-distance romance while frequently posting videos of their adorable dates on their combined YouTube channel.

However, only four months after the September 2020 conclusion, in January 2021, the pair would announce their separation.

Justine said in an Instagram post that has since been removed, “This is really tough for me to explain but out of respect for those of you who supported me, and rode for me, I want you to know that Caleb and I are no longer together.” This has been very difficult for me, and I beg for patience as I continue to grieve and recover.

It is speculated by several admirers that Cely and Johnny’s relationship ended on their Hawaiian vacation.

Cely posted a tweet asking their admirers to stop invading her and Johnny’s privacy. The woman would not elaborate on the reasons behind the split. “Since you all have been such an integral part of our relationship, I felt it was important to let you know that Johnny and I have broken up.

Despite the fact that our relationship has always been open, I would appreciate it if you could respect our choice and give us some space while we figure things out “In other words, she used Twitter.

Since leaving the Love Island USA villa, Cely and Johnny have posted hundreds of cute photos of themselves together on social media, leading many fans to assume that everything is well between them.

Some say they went on a romantic vacation to Hawaii, but it might have been the beginning of the end for them. It was rumored that Johnny posted the split news to his Instagram story. He retweeted one of Cely’s messages with the phrase, “All love.”

But he, like Cely, didn’t elaborate on what led to the breakup. “I appreciate your help very much. I value the time we shared on this incredible adventure. The good times, the laughter, and the memories we made together will remain with me always.

Thank you to everyone who has been there for me as a fan and cheered me on. Warm regards, “Reports say that Johnny wrote a caption for his Instagram story.

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Is there still romance between Cely and Johnny?

Is there still romance between Cely and Johnny?

Unfortunately, only a few months after season 2 filming wrapped, Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks called it quits. Their split was just as intense as their journey together had been on the show. Cely tweeted the news of the breakup on January 9, 2021.

In response to the post, Johnny also turned to social media, stating that he “will eternally treasure” the time they had together and that there was no animosity between them. But the drama of their split didn’t end there, and rumors about the characters’ post-split conduct persisted for some time.

Reports say that Cely stopped following Johnny on social media and that she and Johnny both removed any photos of themselves together. He uploaded a video on YouTube to discuss it, implying that he perceived Cely to be attacking him.

Johnny claims that the couple broke up by “joint consent,” but that he was made to feel responsible. What really got to him were Cely’s YouTube video remarks, in which she claimed “something unpleasant” had occurred between them.

When asked about the video, Johnny said, “She creates a YouTube video less than 24 hours [after mine], and the entire time she’s firing shots at me.” Cely said in a YouTube video posted on February 17, 2021, that she and her ex-boyfriend broke up because she gave him a gift of an all-expenses-paid vacation to Hawaii for the holidays.

She said that the trip was ruined by conflicts and disagreements between the two. When Cely embarked on their journey, Johnny stayed behind to make the most of the remaining days. She went on to say that she’s “doing my utmost to not be affiliated with that relationship anymore.”

I’m over it, and I think everyone else should be, too. When Johnny wanted to tell his side of the story, he also recorded a video and posted it online. Cely went on to talk to her friends and coworkers Justine Ndiba and Calvin Cobb about how she was feeling following the split.

As of this writing, neither ‘Love Island’ star is in a relationship and is instead concentrating on their individual pursuits.

Cely is having her greatest life as a social media celebrity and touring the world with her best friends while Johnny is appearing on other series including “Link,” “The Challenge,” and “All-Star Shore.”

She has released a new tune called “Caderita,” and her incredible dance skills and stunning vocals have already won over the internet.