Pedro Jimeno: Who Is He Dating? the Star of “The Family Chantel” Is Rumored to Be Dating This Person.!

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are chantel and pedro still together

Conversations concerning Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett’s divorce are trending on social media as TLC’s The Family Chantel Season 4 is currently in full gear. Although the couple’s difficulties as a couple are no secret, the majority of their supporters still held out hope that they could remain together. The former 90-Day Fiancée couple, though, seems to have brought about the demise of yet another union.

Naturally, when a marriage ends, rumors about the breakup start to circulate. While Chantel believes Pedro is unfaithful, nothing has been proven to be true, even though Season 4 is showing Chantel’s suspicions. Fans are speculating whether Pedro has resumed dating now that their marriage is finished since they were previously married. Considering that speculations of a potential fling are circulating. Here is what we know.

What Led to The Divorce of Pedro and Chantel?

Pedro and Chantel Everett Separated on May 27 After Six Years of Marriage, According to In Touch.

As Pedro Regularly Referred to His Wife as “lazy” and Believed She Wasn’t Being as Supportive as He Had Been in The Past, Their Marriage Came to A Head in Season 4 of The Program. Chantel Believed Her Partner Was Spending a Lot of Time at Work and That She Was Being Ignored as A Result. Opening up My Family Chantel Jimeno, the Star of Chantel, Allegedly Broke Her Silence About Her Divorce from Pedro Jimeno.

are chantel and pedro still together

On August 25, Chantel, 31, Sent a Message on Her Instagram Stories Saying, “i Am Genuinely Grateful for The Supportive Women in My Life and The Ones Who Have Been Sending Me Doses of Stimulant.” Sisters, I Appreciate It.

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Antonella Barrenechea and Pedro Jimeo Are Said to Have Had a Liaison.

It Has Never Been More Dramatic. Having Cheated on Your Spouse with A Coworker Is the Worst Possible Situation to Be in After Being Suspected of Doing So. Pedro Has, Regrettably, Adopted This as His New Normal.

The Family Chantel Season 4 Viewers Firmly Believe Pedro Had an Affair with Antonella Barrenchea, a Colleague. Alongside Antonella, Pedro Is Employed by Laura Delgado Realty, a Real Estate Company. and On the Program, Pedro Has Stated in The Past that He Prefers Chantel to Chanelle When They Are Together.

A Rift Has Naturally Developed Between Chantel and Pedro as A Result of Antonella and Pedro’s Growing Closeness. Actually, Chantel Doesn’t Like Pedro’s Continuous Banter with Antonella or Their Tight Friendship. Fans Think Pedro and Antonella Are Together as A Result.

are chantel and pedro still together

The Reports of Their Relationship Have Not, However, Been Addressed by Antonella or Pedro. Fans Will Likely Be Shocked to Find that Antonella Is Already Committed to Someone Else After Accusing Her and Pedro of Being Extremely Flirtatious.

Antonella Has Been Seriously Seeing a Man Called Daniel Hanna Since October 2018, According to Her Instagram Bio. Antonella only Has Eyes for One Man, Despite the fact that She and Pedro Occasionally Flirt. Pedro Seems to Be Ok with His Single Status, at Least for The Moment.

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Check out The Family the Cryptic Dispatches of Pedro and Chantel During Their Divorce in Chantel’s Stars

Chantel Took Part in The Discussion Four Days After Their Conflict Reached a Boiling Point on The Family Chantel’s Monday, August 22 Event. Pedro Eventually Requested a Divorce from Chantel Following a Brief Separation During Which They Lived Together but Slept in Different Bedrooms. in Her Confessional, Chantel Sobbed Uncontrollably Even Though She Appeared to Be Accepting the News.

are chantel and pedro still together

How Could I Proceed? You Have My Complete Tone of Voice, My Honesty, and My Trust. that time, I Brought You. I Didn’t Listen to Them when Numerous People Warned Me You Were Defrauding Me Because I Trusted You. I Had Faith in Him. Chantel Whispered, Gasping for Air. “I Trusted My Hubby.

Considering that He Assured Me He Wouldn’t Desert Me. He Told Me That! He Assured Me That Would Never Happen! I Accepted His Assertion that It Was True. and I’m Just Bewildered Throughout, Like,

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