Where Is Corey Sims Now? Everything We Know About ‘Teen Mom 2’

are corey and miranda still married

Ever since the Teen Mom 2 2021 reunion special aired in January of that year, we haven’t seen much of Corey Simms, Leah Messer’s ex-husband.

On the reality series 16 and Pregnant in December 2009, Leah gave birth to twins Ali and Aleeah Simms. Despite a few roadblocks, they wed in October 2010 and then divorced in June 2011.

Jeremy Calvert, her second ex-husband, and she wed in April 2012 and divorced in June 2015, respectively. Late in 2018, they began dating, however, they split up in April 2019.

What has Corey been doing after the breakup of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend? Continue reading to find out more about Corey Simms’ current whereabouts.

Jonathan Calvert said that Simms did not step up for Ali

Messer’s second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, complained that Simms wasn’t doing enough to help Ali, who has Titin Myopathy Muscular Dystrophy, during a “Teen Mom” reunion special.

According to OK! in 2019, Calvert commented, “I don’t agree with a lot of s***.” She is the sole one that attends Ali’s appointments. Since when has Corey not been to Columbus for Ali’s appointment?

Patterson was then struck by Calvert. At the reunion, Calvert noted that Patterson didn’t want to be involved and said, “And then, she can’t take the twins to their stepmom and dump them off; she has to wait for Corey.” It is clear to everyone in the world that she wants nothing to do with the twins.

Addie, who is 9 years old, is Calvert’s only child with Messer. After Calvert attended the “Teen Mom” reunion in 2019, some fans had anticipated the two might get back together. However, Messer has already moved on with her current boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley.

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During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Corey and Leah Prepared for Their Children.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Corey and Leah Prepared for Their Children.

Leah and Corey’s visit-planning strategies during the pandemic are revealed in an exclusive In Touch sneak preview of a TM2 episode airing in November 2020. The former MTV star was especially worried that Ali, who suffers from musical dystrophy, would catch COVID-19.

Leah noted in the teaser, “The twins have not met their dad, but Corey and I chatted and came up with a plan.” Due to Ali’s musical dystrophy, she is at a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus than the general population. Although, Corey has my full confidence.

As a family, we are adjusting to life in a divided household. They’ll always require both systems, even in the event of a pandemic.

Corey and Leah established arrangements for their children while at COVID-19.

In an exclusive preview for the November 2020 issue of TM2, Leah had planned travels for herself and Corey while they were afflicted. Ali’s musical dystrophy condition bothered the former MTV star, who had recently been diagnosed with COVID-19.

We should be concerned that this coronavirus may infect her because she has musical dystrophy, putting her in the vulnerable category. Corey, on the other hand, has my total trust. We are raising our children in a split family.

Even during a pandemic, two units are required.” Now, we hope you’ve gotten the answer to Where Is Corey Simms Now from our article. Corey Simms makes a nice income as a TV character and meter reader as a result of his employment.

Corey, who originally appeared in 2011, has come a long way since then. His long-term efforts have undoubtedly led him to uncover a way to acquire an estimated $1 million in fortune by 2021.

He stands 6 ft 5 ins tall and weighs 93 kg, making him one of the world’s most notable men (207 lbs). He has a nice face, with brownish-grey hair and brownish-grey eyes.

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Simms ripped into Calvert.

are corey and miranda still married

When Simms heard Calvert’s remarks from the “Teen Mom” reunion, he was not happy. “Oh wow!! My blood pressure is through the roof! According to an OK! magazine tweet, Simms was tweeting at the moment.

He continued to stand up for his wife. Since day one, Miranda has been nothing but kind to Ali and Aleeah, always making sure they have everything they could possibly desire or need. According to OK!, the West Virginian continued, “loving and caring for them wholeheartedly.”

Never once did any of the females confide in me about problems like that. Then, Simms took direct aim at Calvert, asking, “And for Mr. Dad of the year to run his mouth about not going to doctors’ visits.. how many have you gone there, big guy?”

Calvert “overstepped [his] limits,” as Life & Style put it, and subsequently apologized for his remarks.

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