Are Dom and Francesca Still Live Together After Episode 4?

are dom and francesca still together

Reality dating programs are known for their dramatic plot twists. Similar to how each episode of The Simpsons begins with a scene that has nothing to do with the rest of the episode, the beginning of each season of a reality dating show (especially those broadcast on Netflix) features hints of a relationship that, by the end of the season, seem like ancient history.

It’s like an Avengers: Endgame crossover, but for real, dating series, as competitors from Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and more appear on Netflix’s Perfect Match.

Yet early on in Perfect Match, it appeared like Francesca Farago (from Too Hot to Handle and a brief cameo in Love is Blind: After the Altar) and Dom Gabriel, two past all-star candidates, were making moves towards one another (from The Mole). One of the first couples matched, and Dom has even said that Francesca is his “Ride or Die.”

Yet, while it appeared like sparks were flowing between the two (they stayed together through multiple obstacles in the first four episodes of Perfect Match), viewers of dating programs can never be too confident of what will happen next.

With the appearance of Damian Powers, the Love is Blind participant who accompanied Francesca to the After the Altar reunion show, things took a decidedly more serious tone. When Francesca broke up with Dom and started seeing Damian, the Perfect Match cast and crew were even more taken aback.

When the fourth episode of Perfect Match came to a tearful close, Dom’s future on the show was unclear.

The Story of Francesca and Dom’s Amazing Date

The Story of Francesca and Dom's Amazing Date

Dom was anxious to connect with Francesca the instant he lay eyes on her, but the ‘The Mole’ actor was unsure of how she would feel about him. During their first night together in the home, though, the two struck up a lively chat that ultimately led to their pairing.

The reality TV stars spent a lot of time talking to one another in their hotel room, but they didn’t do anything to suggest a physical connection. Francesca said this was a first for her because normally men start flirting with you right away. The actress from “Too Hot to Handle” could not help but ponder if this was actually beneficial to her.

It was obvious that the two were a great match from the very first compatibility test they took together. While they were still a leading candidate for the “Perfect Match,” Francesca was bothered by the absence of a physical connection between them. However, the fact that the obstacle that led to their first kiss also led to their second was not helpful.

Francesca and Dom had ranked each other lower than they had ranked anybody else. Really, everyone agreed that they were the least compatible couple in existence. Their subsequent candid chat was followed by another passionate kiss that seemed to dispel any last misgivings Francesca may have had.

From Savannah Palacio’s attempts to seduce Dom to her subsequent battle with Francesca, it was clear that trouble was brewing for the marriage. The pair won the third challenge and were able to bring in two new male housemates after Savannah left.

In any case, Francesca informed Dom that she wished to go on a date with Damian Powers after seeing his name among the possible options. They were apparently close friends, and she decided to take advantage of the situation for the sake of her sanity.

Despite his disappointment, Dom was hopeful that the date would help Francesca form a more favorable impression of him.

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Have Francesca and Dom broken up?

Francesca and Dom have not updated their relationship status publicly as of this writing. Yet, we do not believe that they are still together, as Damian’s arrival may have caused them to grow apart. Yet, it seems like Dom has finally found some romantic success.

From what we can see, Dom and Georgia Hassarati, another contestant on the show looking for love, may have connected. They appear to have a strong bond; Georgia was the first to comfort Dom after he found out Francesca was going out with Damian.

The formal status of the romantic relationships between the concerned cast members has not been updated as of yet. Fans, however, have not let it deter them from supporting their teams.

Who Is Francesca Dating Now, Following Their “Perfect Match?”

Maybe you’ve heard of Jesse from his TikTok videos, in which he discussed being a transgender male and a teen parent years before he came out. He regularly shares comedic videos and TikToks on fatherhood.

In June 2021, Jesse discussed his experiences as a transgender father in an interview with HelloGiggles. According to Instagram, his daughter Arlo uses they/them pronouns, so he told her that being a good dad means being honest and transparent with her.

His words at the time were, “We stay up late some nights chatting about gender and sexuality simply for pleasure.”

To add, I believe we should not shield children from the world but rather expose them to it in all its raw, unfiltered reality. That may not be the case, but I believe it actually protects them.

As a result of their performance on Perfect Match, Dom and Francesca have garnered widespread public approval. If nothing else, at least we know that Francesca is happy and in love despite the fact that they no longer appear to be together.

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