Are Gabriel and Isabel Still Together? Does 90 Day Fiance’s Gabriel Move to Colombia?

When ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ introduced Gabriel “Gabe” Paboga, a native of the United States, and his Colombian fiancée Isabel Posada, viewers believed they were a match made in heaven. Isabel was willing to embrace the former for who he is when he came out as transgender. Even her kids seemed to like her companion.

However, problems arose after Gabriel moved to Colombia, and he eventually realized that they had a long way to go before reconciling. The US citizen was also worried about Isabel’s family and whether they would embrace her as their daughter had. Fans are now anxious for more information, so let’s find out whether Gabriel and Isabel are still together, shall we?

Are Gabriel and Isabel Still Together?

are gabriel and isabel still together

Recently, Gabriel, who now uses the moniker “Gabe,” came out as transgender. Many viewers have wondered if this has altered his relationship with Isabel. Isabel appears to have been very tolerant of Gabe’s new lifestyle, and they remain together.

In fact, the couple has been posting pictures and updates on social media about their existence together. Even though Gabe’s transition may have made their relationship more difficult, it appears that they remain committed to making it work. Their journey on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way continues to inspire a large number of viewers.

How Did ‘90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ Stars Gabriel and Isabel Meet?

are gabriel and isabel still together

Gabriel is from Margate, Florida, and he encountered Isabel in Colombia while searching for a new supplier for his transgender underwear manufacturing business. Gabriel found “immediate chemistry” with Isabel after meeting her at a mutual friend’s house in South America.

“That night we went out, we were kissing, we were dancing. We were embracing. “It was a great night,” the Florida native told producers during their January 2023 debut, before admitting he was “relieved” to learn Isabel was not interested in having sex on their first date.

Because she was unaware of my transgender status. The following morning, Gabriel determined he had to confess and texted Isabel the news.

The entrepreneur continued, “It could not have worked out more favorably for me.” After confirming that it did not matter to her because she saw him as a male, Isabel left her family home in Medellin, Colombia, a few months later. After numerous visits back and forth, Gabriel intended to move to Colombia and propose to her.

What Has ‘90 Day Fiance’ Star Isabel Said About Learning that Gabe Is Transgender?

are gabriel and isabel still together

Isabel revealed in the episode of February 5 that she was astonished to learn that Gabe is a trans man and that she learned more about his gender identity through social media.

“I started to see photographs of his operation. “I began to realize that he was a transgender man,” she confessed. “I was very surprised by that. I would not have noticed because Gabe appears to be a man. When I first met him, I did not observe any feminine characteristics in his body, voice, or visage. Everything was flawlessly manly.”

Isabel stated that she did not know what to anticipate from their sexual relationship and was “a little bit scared” to become intimate. During the February 19 episode, she stated, “I didn’t know what I would discover physically.” “I had no idea what those operations entailed. It was something extraordinary to me, and it still is.”

The reality star discovered that Gabe experiences pleasure like any other man, though she confessed she still had questions regarding the specifics of having sex with him. Isabel stated, “Clinically and medically, it’s so perfect.” “He is simulatable. “When I touch him, he feels it.”

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When Did ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Gabriel and Isabel Get Engaged?

are gabriel and isabel still together

In the April 9 episode, Gabe determined it was time to propose after gaining Isabel’s parents’ approval. At a pottery studio, Gabe proposed to her by presenting her with a ring on a plate that read, “Will you marry me?” Isabel enthusiastically accepted, and the couple embraced.

“It was a beautiful moment because I really wanted it,” she said of the proposal. “I wished for it, but I had no idea it would occur so soon.”Gabe then informed Isabel that prior to proposing, he had sought approval from both her father and her children.

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“In order to obtain the children’s consent, he practically asked their permission before proceeding with his plan,” she said of Gabe’s thoughtful act. “It is obviously very important to me that the three people I adore most in the world are happy and making plans for the future. It is complete bliss for me.”