Are Georgia and Dom Still Together? The Aftermath of Georgia and Dom’s Split!

On Netflix’s new reality show Perfect Match, Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati have one of the most complicated and heartwarming relationships. After their first relationships with other Perfect Match cast members didn’t work out, including Dom’s sad breakup with Francesca Farago, the Too Hot to Handle and The Mole alums explored their feelings for each other and quickly became one of the strongest couples in the villa.

Find out what happened between Georgia and Dom on the show Perfect Match and if they are still together after filming.

Do Georgia And Dom Still Have a Relationship?

are georgia and dom still together

No, Georgia and Dom no longer have a relationship. In an interview with TODAY, Dom said that the fact that he is from Canada and Georgia is from Australia made it hard for them to stay together after the show.

He also said, “I think it was a ‘Let’s see where the future takes us’ kind of thing. Let’s sort of do our own thing.’ If the future holds something else, if it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be.” After the last episodes of Too Hot to Handle came out, Netflix made a video called “Where are they now?”

In it, Georgia said, “We were at different stages of the relationship, and he’s such a great person that the last thing I wanted was for something so beautiful to end in an ugly way.” Dom, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have a very good memory of their time together.

In an interview, he said, “After the show, we split up before we even had a chance to get our prize.” He also said, “We were still talking and still together, but she had to go do a podcast.” Georgia and Harry Jowsey’s fall in love was the name of the podcast that came out.

“Yeah, I’d say I was caught off guard.” Harry Jowsey used to be on Too Hot to Handle, and Georgia dated him after that.

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Where Are Dom And Georgia Now?

are georgia and dom still together

After the “Where Are They Now?” video came out, in which Dom said that Georgia’s podcast with Harry Jowsey had “caught him off guard,” Georgia responded to Dom’s comments in an Instagram story post. She wrote, “Since Dom prefers to talk online instead of in person, this is for you, Dom.

You are so “not bothered,” but you never told me that you didn’t like the name of a podcast that I didn’t make. “After that show, I went back to our hotel. You left out the fact that you had dinner with Ines that night and that I got back to our hotel before you did.

Didn’t say you were in constant touch after the show, either. Are you two going out now?” Since then, there has been a lot of back and forth between the two.

In response, Dom posted screenshots of texts that he said were from Georgia and wrote in the caption, “Why would I talk to you about problems after the podcast when I asked how it was right after?” But you didn’t say that you talked about me on the podcast and I didn’t find out about it until after.”

In response to Georgia’s claim that he is dating Ines, he said that he was at dinner with Ines, along with fellow Perfect Match cast member Zay Wilson and the producers of the show. He also said that he is “very f**king single.”

Since appearing on Perfect Match, Georgia has been with Harry Jowsey. Harry has also been with Francesca Farago, who was also on Perfect Match.

In April 2022, they confirmed their relationship with a TikTok post, and it was said that Georgia had moved in with Harry for a short time in L.A. But it didn’t work out, and they broke up later that year.