Are Isha and Michael Still Together 2023, All You Need to Know

“Twentysomethings: Austin” on Netflix has something great for all fans. The television series has eight new things for people hoping to find true love, a partner for their life, and at the very least, at most minuscule for hook up. The Netflix show was drama free, and also it was full of adventures of young adults.

The adults explore their new living arrangements in the show—their journey with beautiful ladies and many friendships that are inevitably developed. There are four ladies and four men right next door to each other. And this is how Isha Punja and Michael Factor met each other.

Are Isha and Michael Still Together?

are isha and michael still together 2023

Yes, Isha Punja and Michael are still together. People do not need to look for episode 12 on Netflix as it is inevitable that both of them closed off the show as a couple. Isha and Michael were both emotionally connected. Michael came back to Isha and pursued her for a relationship. The fans didn’t expect him to do it, but the way he asked her showed an emotional connection.

There is no official information about their separation, but the fans eagerly await the continuation of their relationship in the return of “Twentysomethings: Austin”. Both used to post stories and photos on their social media platform. They love each other so much, and fans love them so much. Together they make a good couple.

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Isha and Michael Both Follow Each Other

Some people think Isha and Michale have been separated. But according to the sources, they are still together. After the camera stopped rolling, people started to create stories and concluded that they had both ended their relationship. So, one of the most significant clues that celebrities give when they break is that they unfollow each other.

Here Isha and Michael are following each other on every social media platform. They post stories and share their quality time on social media. So, it confirms that they are still dating and moving forward with no problem.

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Michael and Isha in Twenty-Somethings: Austin

are isha and michael still together 2023

At the beginning of the series, both of them lacked chemistry. Both of them were devoted to their roommate’s relationship. Isha changed her mind after speaking to Bruce Stephenson. She said that she wouldn’t fate within the group as it would create fear out of potential complications. But Raquel Daniel was flirting with Michael and went on multiple dates with other women before he realised about Isha.

However, the disturbance and all the other distractions passed away after some time. Michael and Isha’s story started right long after all the issues. And finally, after so long, Isha opened up to Raquel that she found Michael appealing, and he is kind of like her. Later, Michael brought Isha for mini golfing, and there he danced, which awkwardly gave her shivers, but it was adorable.