What Happened to Isha and Michael’s Relationship in The ’20s?

The Netflix reality shows Twentysomethings Austin follows a group of eight strangers as they live together for a week in a house in Austin, Texas, and share the ups and downs of their personal lives with one another. The performers are free to explore their identities, try new things, and have fun because there are no restrictions in the house.

TwentySomethings Austin” has premiered on Netflix for both of its 6-episode seasons (on December 10 and 17 respectively). There were eight people living there, with Isha Punja and Michael Fractor having one of the more promising partnerships. But then, what happened when the show was over?

Who Is Isha Punja?

After Graduating with A Degree in Economics from Berkeley College, Isha Punja Began Her Own Apparel Company with The Help of Her Parents. She Thinks Her Iq Is Rather High, but She Knows She Can Sound a Bit Silly at Times.


She relocated to The Lone Star State (texas) to Be Closer to Her New Job. She Hires Indian Psychics for Her Company, Which Is Called Hut Mentality. Craftspeople in Outlying Areas of India Create Each of Her Pieces by Hand. Her Work Has Been Featured in British Vogue and Presented During New York Fashion Week.

Who Is Michael Factor?

In the Future, Michael Fractor Would Like to Perform Stand-Up Comedy Professionally. This Becomes a Viable Professional Path for Him Beginning in 2021. He Uprooted and Headed for Austin so He Could Concentrate on This One Goal. His Comedy Is Dry, Full of Dad Jokes, and Not for The Weak of Stomach. Imagine What It’s Like to Be Both Jewish and Strange, He Continued.


Put Another Way, We Are. My Mother Has Made It Such that I Always Feel Sick Whenever I Sneeze. and Then He Continued, “right Before I Moved Here, We Bought a Puppy. It Was My Responsibility to Look After the Dog, but Whenever We Talk on The Phone, She Brings up The Fact that I Abandoned Him.

Are Isha and Michael Still Together?

During the Filming of The Twentysomethings Austin Episode, Some Cast Members Developed Romantic Feelings for One Another, Including Abbey Humphreys and Kamari Bonds, and Isha Punja, and Michael Factor. After Avoiding a Serious Relationship, Abbey and Kamari Found Each Other Romantically While Being Platonic Acquaintances.

While Isha Punja and Michael Fractor Were Gently Creating the Groundwork for A Relationship, Michael Ultimately Opted to Leave Austin and Return to California to Focus on His Career as A Stand-Up Comedian Before the Two Could Make Their Relationship Public.

After the Convention Ended, Some of The Twentysomethings in Austin Headed Back Home, While Others Decided to Make the Capital of Texas Their Permanent Home. After Finishing the Program in Austin, They Were Faced with Deciding Their Next Steps Professionally.

are isha and michael still together

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When Michael Announced His Intention to Move Back to California, Isha Realized She Was in A Similar Position and Made the Decision to Stay in Texas and Focus on Growing Her Fashion Design Firm, “hut Mentality.”

Michael Had Planned to Leave Austin for California, but He Changed His Mind as He Was Saying Goodbye to Isha and Packing His Bags. After Fractor Returned Home, Michael Told Him He Was Going to Stay at The Austin House as Long as Isha Did. a Job Is a Job, He Said; There Are Many of Them Around, but There’s Only One Isha.

Micheal and Isha Are Obviously Very Committed to One Another, Even Though They Haven’t Made Their Relationship Public Just Yet. While the Show’s Finale Left Viewers on An Emotional Cliffhanger, We Know that Michael and Isha Are Still Together Because They Are Still Following Each Other on Social Media.

Where Are Isha and Michael from “Twenty-somethings: Austin” Now?

Production for The First Season of Twentysomethings: Austin was Completed up In Late

November 2021, and The Show Premiered on The Streaming Service Not Long After. in The Weeks Since Production Concluded, Isha Has Been Busy Promoting Her Clothes Business on Social Media. on The Other Hand, Michael Has Been Talking About Episodes Online.

are isha and michael still together

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Michael’s Decision to Remain in Austin Leaves It Unknown Whether He Has Secured Gainful Employment or Whether He Will Attempt Stand-Up Comedy Once Again Now that The Show Has Premiered.

Michael and Isha Have Kept Their Relationship and Their Plans for The Future in Austin Under Wraps, so Their Admirers Will Be Keeping a Careful Eye on Their Social Media for The Foreseeable Future.