Are “The Ultimatum’s” Rae and Jake still together?

In 2022, Netflix debuted a new reality show called The Ultimatum. Instead of witnessing single people trying to find “the one,” as in Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum focuses on engaged couples trying to figure out if they’re true to the right person.

Season 1 of The Ultimatum featured Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham. Both Rae and Zay, her ex-boyfriend, and Jake, his ex-girlfriend, received ultimatums from their respective exes, April and him.

Rae and Jake may have had the finest chemistry of any couple on the show, and they were legally married for three weeks, but are they still together now? Inquire further…

It appears that Rae and Jake end up together in the series conclusion.

It appears that Rae and Jake end up together in the series conclusion.

Just so you know, Jake and Rae both brought their significant others on the show for a compatibility test. Jake had a girlfriend named April Marie, and Rae was seeing a guy named Zay Wilson. Each couple took some time apart to date other individuals and assess whether or not they were truly ready for marriage.

After a swift and easy connection, Jake and Rae decide to live together for three weeks as a “trial marriage,” during which they will share everything from household chores to holiday celebrations.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Jake discusses the closeness they experienced during their time together. “Both Rae and I handled the matter with the utmost decorum. We did not engage in sexual activity, despite appearances to the contrary.

Our sole shared activity was a passionate kiss. For the first five days of the show, I slept in a different bed “His words. Their bond appears to be so strong that they’ve decided to put their resources into developing it rather than reinvesting in their own histories of failed relationships.

Both Jake and April end their relationships with their respective spouses in the season finale, with Jake rejecting April’s marriage proposal.

In this scene, Rae and Jake are reunited. Jake proposes to Rae by giving her a plane ticket to any destination in the world in lieu of a ring.

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Rae has broken up with her anonymous girlfriend.

After the show ends, viewers want to know more about Rae’s romantic life. Show us your girl! they pleaded on Instagram. It was a no from the reality star.

She revealed her relationship status on Instagram, writing, “the girl I got with after the show is very private and we have kinda taken a step back the past few months with everything going on and the show coming out but we are still very close and hope to revisit things after the summer,” as reported by Today. Yes, I’m a lone therapist who is also a single person.

Before you went on the show, did Zay know you liked women? “Zay knew since I dated a female before him,” Rae said. In addition, I informed Jake before we made our final decision. Very important to me, neither Zay nor Jake are homophobic or intolerant.

After that, a supporter inquired as to where she had the courage to come out. She revealed her true identity and sexual orientation because she was “understanding that many are suicidal or upset over their identity or sexuality and not being welcomed or embracing themselves.”

Since their reconnection, Rae and Jake have been hanging together.

Since their reconnection, Rae and Jake have been hanging together.

Since their reconnection, Rae and Jake have been hanging together.

Jake finally dumped April Melohn at the end of the season, and he and Rae were able to buy plane tickets. He’s single at the moment, but he revealed whether or not he still has hope for a future with Rae.

Jake told BuzzFeed, “There are still options for me and Rae, or me and other people, in the future.” I’m taking a little hiatus to “do my own thing.”

After the reunion and everything, “we hung out quite a few times; not until after, not until far after, we took our time,” he stated. To this day, “we still maintain in contact; we still hang around.”