Are Jeff and Gage Still ‘Flipping Out’ Together? A Comprehensive Update on their Relationship Status

Are Jeff and Gage still together? Many people are familiar with interior designer Jeff Lewis from his wildly popular Bravo reality series Flipping Out, which ran from 2007 to 2018. The show may have started out to highlight Jeff’s design/house-flipping abilities and his ultra-luxury clients, but it quickly began to document his antics with his crew in his home office.

Jeff never lacked hilarious moments on the show, whether it was his banter with Executive Assistant Jenni Pulos or housekeeper Zoila Chavez’s urge to clean things her way.

Are Jeff and Gage Still Together?

are jeff and gage still together

No, Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis are no longer “Flipping Out” together.

During the broadcast of his Radio Andy program, “Jeff Lewis Live,” the 48-year-old reality personality stated that Edward had left their shared house on the same week’s Wednesday while going through a breakup. Monroe is the couple’s 2-year-old daughter.

The Jeff Lewis Live anchor also discussed wanting to start a family in subsequent seasons. The broadcast also covered his relationship with his boyfriend Gage Edwards. In 2016, the couple used a surrogate to give birth to their daughter Monroe Christine, and they later engaged in a legal conflict with the lady who bore Monroe.

In January 2019, Gage and Jeff split, and things got very heated very soon. What transpired in the custody dispute between Jeff Lewis and Gage? For a review, continue reading.

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Why did Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis split up?

are jeff and gage still together

Following 10 years of relationship, Jeff announced that he has split with Gage on Jan. 31, 2019. The pair welcomed Monroe Christine Lewis on Oct. 25, 2016

“It has taken a while for this to happen. It was something like living with roommates last year because we spent a large amount of time apart from one another, “On his Jeff Lewis Live radio program on SiriusXM, Jeff stated.

He continued by explaining how, prior to their official breakup, he and Gage had been living apart since they had changed their status from being partners to friends with benefits. Later in the program, Jeff made his first suggestion that the split had left them in a difficult situation with reference to their daughter.

Jeff said, “I’m now a single dad because the baby is with me.

In March 2019, Jeff asserted that Gage had started dating again just a few weeks after their breakup during another broadcast of his radio show. Since then, they have fought over Monroe’s legal name in court as well as the specifics of their custody arrangement.

Gage and Jeff Lewis Engaged in A Public Custody Dispute.

In June 2019, the former Flipping Out star initially brought up a potential problem with settling a custody dispute with Gage. On his show, he clarified that after their initial consultation with attorneys, he and Gage were unable to reach a custody agreement. He claimed that they fought during their initial meeting on a specific visitation week and that they were never given the chance to discuss their long-term goals.

“I received a very terrible, ugly letter with a bunch of mischaracterizations, mistruths, accusations, and demands,” Jeff stated on his show, citing People.

Jeff claimed that up until their meeting with attorneys, he had been letting Gage visit Monroe at his house several times every day. He claimed that on one of these visits, Gage barricaded himself in a guest room, which made him hesitant to continue them.

In January 2020, Gage’s legal team sent Jeff a to cease and desist letter after he continued to discuss the effects of his divorce on the show.

More than a year after parting ways with Gage, in February 2020, Jeff revealed on Jeff Lewis Live that he has received legal paperwork regarding his custody agreement. The lawsuit’s specifics, such as Gage’s demand for Monroe’s shared custody, legal assistance, and a name change for the 3-year-old, were confirmed by people.

Monroe’s name was originally Monroe Christine Lewis, but Gage wanted to change it to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis. Since that Edward is Gage’s middle name and not his genuine last name, Jeff objected to the name addition.

After reports that he had undergone significant neck surgery, Jeff made light of the name change controversy on his Instagram page. He published a cartoon depicting a man in a hospital bed with his face overlaid on it. Another character was depicted in the comic standing over the bed, which he covered with Gage’s face.

It now says, “B—-H! It’s Monroe Edwards!” in the animation. The following picture shows Gage unplugging Jeff’s cardiac monitor.

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Jeff & Gage Settled a Heated Custody Battle After 26 Months

Jeff Lewis and his ex-boyfriend Gage Edward have finally to an understanding on custody of their four-year-old daughter Monroe Christine after more than two years of conflict, Lewis said.

Lewis said on one of his SiriusXM radio shows, Jeff Lewis Live, that the Flipping Out alumni, who were married for 10 years before divorcing in February 2019, have agreed to share custody of Monroe and have discontinued their legal actions against one another.

“I’ve got some fantastic news. We have resolved our custody agreement with Gage Edward Fredenburg after 26 months [of negotiations], the majority of which, I would say, was acrimonious “During the show, Lewis, 51, disclosed to his co-hosts. “He has discontinued his case against me. I dismissed my complaint against him. And we have reached a decision regarding custody.”

Although Edward declined to comment, a source close to the celebrity tells PEOPLE that he is pleased with the outcome. This is a huge relief, according to the insider. Gage is eager for them to put this disagreement behind them because “he and Jeff are co-parenting really well together.”