Are Jubal and Alex Still Together? All You Need to Know About the Jubal Show and Split Up!

The Jubal Show is a funny show that Jubal Fresh hosts. In the front, everything is open for everyone, and anyone can say anything without restrictions. Nothing is sacred, and nothing is off-limits in his Show. He states, ‘We can’t get enough of the drama’. Jubal Fresh is a stand-up comedian, and he is also an OK husband.

He is happy to conduct the Show he dreamt about and is pleased to join your station. Now Alex is a member of The Jubal Show. She works in his radio station. Alex is also a stand-up comedian and co-host and produces other stand-up comedies.

Are Jubal and Alex Still Together?

are jubal and alex still together

Yes, Jubal and Alex are not together. According to the information, Alex Fresh is leaving the Jubal show. Alex posted an Instagram story to announce her go from The Jubal Show. Alex and her husband Jubal started the Show In August and kept it going. According to the information, Alex is leaving the Show to maintain her health and focus on self-care.

Alex expressed her gratitude towards the Show and her time in that Show. She also thanked all the fans who listened to her and enjoyed her. Alex and Jubal hosted the Show, broadcasted on Magic FM from March 2016-April 2020. In 2020 Jubal unexpectedly left the Show. And after his departure, the Show was co-hosted by ‘young Jeffery’. Later the Show was renamed ‘Brooke and Jeffery in the Morning’.

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What Happened to The Jubal Show?

are jubal and alex still together

Jubal Fresh announced its resignation from Brooke and Jubal in the morning after nine years of performance. It was a well-known and excellent radio show. Since the Show’s beginning in 2020, the comedian, youtube, hasn’t been in the front. Jubal already expressed his reason for leaving the Show. According to Jubal’s statement, he left the Show due to some conflict with the Show’s producers.

Jubal is very talented, and his humour is fond of everyone. There are a lot of people who love to hear him every morning when he comes on the radio. Alex’s husband performs humourous bits, including “second date”, “phone tap”, and also “loser line”.

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How Are Fans Reacting Towards His Show?

All the fans are getting frustrated after Jubal left the Show. They are also getting frustrated with the silence over Alex Fresh. She left the show without saying anything, and all of it was sudden. The Jubal Show hasn’t posted anything on Facebook for almost three weeks. People are getting worried, and also they have a lot of questions.

The official page is flooded with many comments from fans about her sudden resignation from the Jubal show. All these things happened disturbingly, and rumours about them getting separated. Alex is married to the Show’s host, and she silently leaves the Show, making people worried. It is even strange has not even discussed his wife.

People comment, “I guess people need to know what happened to Alex”. Being married to the host of the Show and Jubal not telling the public about whether she is okay or not. Some people have concluded that Alex was forced to get off the station. Due to this, the station is also quiet for some time. For all the answers, fans might have to wait for the next The Jubal Show to break all the silence about Alex.