Are Juliette Porter and Clark Drum Still Together After ‘Siesta Key’?

are juliette and clark still together

Clark Drum, the boyfriend of Juliette Porter, received poor reactions from viewers at the launch of Siesta Key: Miami Moves due to his lack of excitement and refusal to be recorded for the show.

They began dating in October of 2021, and the new season of the program looks to have started filming in the early summer of 2022. However, as seen in a recent episode, Clark has voiced distaste for making appearances on the show.

In the episode, we see a phone call in which Juliette invites Clark to her bathing suit company’s debut party in Miami. After he emphasized that he despises being on television again, Juliette abruptly ended their conversation by hanging up.

Fans are divided on whether or not they believe Clark is making a wise choice by opting out of television appearances. User @nicol34x on Twitter: “Okay, I’m not enjoying Clark so far. Just why is he being so rude to Juliette over the phone? In other words, he comes out as defensive.

The fan said that he may be hiding something, as Chloe Trautman, Juliette’s co-star, has said.

Is it still true that Clark and Juliette are a couple?

Is it still true that Clark and Juliette are a couple?

In May of 2022, when the program aired, Juliette and Clark demonstrated they were still going strong. The JPM Label designer was in Nashville with her boyfriend on May 14 and posted an Instagram snapshot of both laughing and holding hands.

She also recorded herself and her pals watching the Siesta Key episode on May 19 and laughing at the fact that Clark was referred to as her “buddy” on the MTV series. While Fort Lauderdale realtor has no photographs of Juliette on Instagram, the reality starlet has given followers a few glances of her guy.

Ishsoto1 and I had the best time ever last night toasting their love at @madissonhaus. With the Instagram remark, “Thank you for letting us be a part of your day,” Juliette seemingly revealed her relationship with Clark for the first time during the wedding in October 2021.

The next time she mentioned her boyfriend online was in February 2022, when she shared photos from yet another friend’s nuptials. A single photo from their May 2022 trip to Nashville was posted.

However, Juliette isn’t bashful about her new affair, and in March, she raved to Life & Style about how “wonderful” her relationship was. Like, all he cares about is being in my company. He doesn’t have a large ego, she said. All he wants is to make others happy.

Do you know what I mean? He recalls what I tell him. He gives things some serious consideration. This guy is fantastic. According to the mannequin, the two hit it off instantly. We’ve been nonstop chatter-bugs since we first met.

As soon as we met, it seemed like we were dating already, she recalled. Since we spend every weekend together, it’s safe to assume that our feelings for one another are intense. However, I believe that since we’re both still relatively young, there’s no need to rush things. Our only goal is to make each other happy.

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Clark Drum And Juliette Porter

After receiving her diploma in 2015, Julie enrolled at Florida State University. Furthermore, Juliette is a singer and a prominent figure on social media. She has promoted companies including DripJewelry in addition to her own swimsuit line, JMP The Label.

Florida native Clark Drum was born in 1993. His parents, Christine Frei Drum and Kelly Drum are also parents to three other children. Clark is a native of Florida, and he spent his formative years in Fort Lauderdale.

Clark Drum is a former football player and St.Thomas Aquinas High School alumnus from 2012.

Love Stories from Couples Who Beat the Reality TV Odds (So Far)

After he was seen out partying with a number of different women in August 2021, the owner of Concierge Automotive Services claimed on Instagram, “I’m single.” Because I was immature and stupid as all get out during my last split, I have no intention of intentionally making someone envious.

In other words, I’m simply another individual documenting their daily life online. Because I’m unattached at the moment, I can do anything I want. Since their divorce, Juliette has been open about her desire to find a lifelong companion.

The JMP said, “I injured his ego, for sure.” On Thursday, the Label designer discussed her divorce with Us. To paraphrase, “I think one of his main issues is the inability to move on and let go, and I think he thinks he might still have feelings for me, but that has to be some other issue that he’s battling ’cause the reality [of the] situation, and I think what he fails to forget is, like, we weren’t happy.

In other words, “it wasn’t just me.” In spite of their newfound differences, the exes are still a celebrity couple to watch on Siesta Key, despite the fact that they both just moved to Miami.

A season 5 teaser reveals that while Juliette is busy with her budding fashion company and new romance with Clark, Sam is in a “difficult” situation with co-star Jordana Barnes.

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With an Instagram post, Kelsey Owens angered her Siesta Key co-stars.

With an Instagram post, Kelsey Owens angered her Siesta Key co-stars.

In recent days, Juliette and co-star Chloe Long have implied that Kelsey’s dismissal from the show was all in good fun. Kelsey’s Instagram post, in which she accused her co-stars of fabricating relationship turmoil to increase their screen time, went viral on the same day the trailer for Siesta Key: Miami Moves was released, drawing widespread attention to their protest.

Chloe was particularly distressed, and she shared the cast’s exhaustion and the mental and emotional toll of filming Siesta Key in a lengthy Instagram story. Chloe thought Kelsey was being selfish by making the season premiere all about herself when it was the cast’s hard work that was finally paying off.

Although Kelsey has a large following because of her time on Siesta Key, her opinions come out as hypocritical because she has profited from her celebrity status. When we left Kelsey and Max last season, they still hadn’t settled on whether or not to move in together, or even in the same city.

While Max preferred to stay put in Sarasota, Kelsey yearned for the days of big city life and frequent relocation that she had enjoyed during her career as a fashion model. It was mutual; Max wasn’t quite ready to move in with his fiancée and preferred to extend his lease on his own.

The drama on Siesta Key was fabricated and dramatized for the sake of television. The Siesta Key viewers and celebrities have a right to be upset with Kelsey since she criticizes them when just a season ago she was one of them.

Kelsey is quite upset, but Max only wants to protect his lover. Since the show’s inception in 2017, Kelsey has been a significant character, and the creators shouldn’t have written her out of the show the way they did.

Even her mother’s battle with multiple sclerosis was documented for the world to see in her documentary. There should have been greater deference shown to her.

A lot of viewers were disappointed that Kelsey wasn’t in the season opener because she was an integral component of the program. Kelsey and Max should avoid becoming involved in the turmoil that they are attempting to avoid by spending less time on Siesta Key.

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