How Many Times Have Big Ed and Liz Broke Up?

are liz and ed still together 2023

90-Day Fiancé report on Big Ed’s situation with Liz. These two alter course and direction more than your drunken uncle at Christmas when debating politics. These two have split up and gotten together so many times that it is almost hard to keep count.

Ed even ultimately informed her he was not interested in getting married. So, of course, many people felt that was the death blow for these two. But low and behold, they’ve been observed in the wild together. Furthermore, demonstrates these two are still together.

The two were photographed knocking down cocktails in Arkansas. When asked about it, the two reportedly acknowledged they were relocating there, together. You literally cannot follow these two and not get whiplash. But Ed moving does show him at least trying, which is wonderful.

Will Big Ed and Liz from 90 Days Still Be Together?

After briefly breaking up after the season 7 tell-all in September 2022, Ed and Liz have worked through their troubles and are still together.

Big Ed captioned a collection of photos of his December 2022 romance with Liz, “Rascal Flats claimed ‘Life is a Highway,’ but it’s been more like a roller coaster.” The problem though is… the thing with roller coasters is that they are entertaining as s—t.

They appear to have made up with Big Ed’s mother as well. In the same month, the happy couple attended a wedding party when Ed’s long-lost mother made an appearance.

To celebrate their upcoming nuptials, Liz and her future mother-in-law grabbed a photograph and adorable captioned it, “Dancing the night away with mom.”

Later that week, Liz posted an Instagram photo of her sparkling engagement ring, proving that she and Big Ed are still together. “Babe surprised me with a new band,” the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After alum wrote in the photo’s caption.

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The Second Season of 90 Days, The Single Life Will Feature Big Ed’s Return

The Second Season of 90 Days, The Single Life Will Feature Big Ed's Return

After going through a tough period, Ed made an effort to move on from Liz by seeing numerous new women, one of which was named Kaory. His childhood buddy Laura introduced him to her current acquaintance Kaory, and he made the trip to Mexico to see her in person.

They both made an effort to take pleasure in each other, but it was evident that their personalities and aspirations in life were very different. Kaory, she didn’t react to my text messages,” he said in one episode. She just disappeared without a word to me.

90 Day An Exciting Proposal from the Fiancé’s Ed and Liz Reunite, Become Engaged

90 Day An Exciting Proposal from the Fiancé's Ed and Liz Reunite, Become Engaged

Soon after Ed returned to San Diego from his loveless sojourn in Mexico, his beloved dog Teddy passed away. After Teddy’s death, the reality star thanked his fans for sending him flowers in a subsequent show. It’s interesting to note that one of the bouquets came directly from Liz herself.

Eventually, he decided to reach out to her, and that gesture sparked a rekindling of their romance and ultimately an engagement. Big Ed and Liz’s shocking club appearance in Santa Barbara, California in September 2021 was revealed by TMZ.

On their date, Ed introduced Liz as his “beautiful fiancée” and she wore a diamond ring on her left ring finger. After being engaged for two months, the happy pair finally announced it.

In an interview with People published in November 2021, the couple said that they had reunited after Liz had reached out to Ed following the death of his dog Teddy in August.

Ed took her out to supper at his place, where they talked about their relationship and he posed a crucial issue. It was a simple question: “Am I your forever?” Ed informed the media that she ultimately accepted his proposal.

After she left for work, I hurried to the nearest jewelry store and stocked up on the largest diamond I could afford. According to Liz, he didn’t spend any time going down on one knee. “We got back together on Saturday and got engaged on Sunday,” she said.

It’s the eleventh time Ed and Liz have split up.

As 90 Day Fiance viewers know, Ed and Liz have been through many breakups before. They were engaged in August of 2021, however, they called off the engagement shortly thereafter. In October 2022, he ended the relationship by saying he found out she was a lesbian.

They’ve been in touch often throughout the years. After 10 breakups, Liz finally admitted on the Tell All that they weren’t living together. On January 8th, they split up for the eleventh time.

In November 2021, Ed revealed to cameras that he and Liz had met nine months after his split from Rose. Since then, TLC has been following his progress while documenting his on-and-off romance with Liz.

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