How Ludwig and Cinderella Really Felt About Each Other!

After QTC Cinderella and Ludwig began dating, she publicly shamed other female streamers for swiping left in Ludwig’s direct messages.

One of the most popular couples on streaming services right now is QTC Cinderella and Ludwig. Both are well-known in their own way as broadcasters, with QT receiving particular acclaim for the attention she has brought to in-person events by bringing together the top names in streaming for things like Shitcamp and The Streamer Awards.

Ludwig is also generating interest in his own events, such as the impending Chessboxing competition and the previous 50-hour Subathon. Since the summer of 2020, when Ludwig addressed the allegations about his and QT’s relationship with a precise and succinct Tweet, Ludwig and QT have been an item.

Apparently, QT still has to face competition, as the streamer claims that other women in the streaming world continue to creep into her man’s DMs despite his ‘taken’ status.

QTC Cinderella describes an embarrassing run-in with a fan.

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QTC Cinderella tweeted about an uncomfortable fan experience. The fan’s only request was to snap a picture with her. Unfortunately, the outcome was not favorable. It’s noteworthy that the steamer claims the fan just wanted a photo of her and Ludwig in their girlfriend and boyfriend role.

She went so far as to say that it’s disheartening to be known only as someone’s girlfriend despite one’s best efforts in the field. It was also mentioned by the streamer that they should not even bother asking to take a photograph with “Ludwig’s girlfriend” if they only want a photo with him. She wrote extensively on the issue, saying.

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It’s a dating rumor that QTC Cinderella and Ludwig are an item.

In a video titled “Ludwig Goes on a Date with QTCinderella,” the two content makers openly flirt with one another and have worked together on several occasions over the years. followers were left wondering for a long time if there was more to the relationship between the two.

All of that changed in February 2020 when Ludwig tweeted to QTC Cinderella that he wanted to take her on a real first date. The general consensus within the audience appeared to be positive.

About a few months later, Ludwig once again shocked his admirers by tweeting, “I can confirm that I and @qtcinderella are dating.”

Since then, the two producers have worked together both in front of and behind the camera on projects like a parody film in which QT plays a game designed to assist guys to pick up women. They shared some of their own amusing perspectives on dating in that video. QTC Cinderella and Ludwig have become a streaming power couple, and their fans couldn’t be happier about it.

Cinderella rips into female streamers over sexism in Ludwig’s direct messages

Cinderella rips into female streamers over sexism in Ludwig's direct messages

In a podcast with 100 Thieves’ BrookeAB, she discussed the issue, saying that other women are still trying to get a shot in with her boyfriend, Ludwig, despite the fact that she hasn’t received many DM slides from men since dating him.

For years, I’ve been doing this, and ever since I started dating Ludwig, there’s been radio silence. Nobody has even attempted it. She said, “However, there are a number of female streamers who have attempted to slip in on Ludwig.

“It’s this strange and fascinating phenomenon; I get the impression that men speak in a special code when they say things like, ‘Ah. He now owns her. Do not expect me to back down from her. I hold a healthy amount of male ego-respect.

The women, she continued, pantomiming texting on a phone, “are like, Okay, so I can beat her,” because we’ve been pitted against each other for so long. I’m much sexier than your girlfriend,’ I said. Hi!’”