Are Paige and Adam from Love Island Uk Still Together?

are paige and adam still together

Love Island UK viewers from Season 8 want to know if Adam Collard and Paige Thorne are still together. After Paige removed all of Adam’s images from her Instagram, their followers began to speculate that the couple had broken up.

A video of Adam holding hands with another woman at McDonald’s after hours caused this commotion. But Adam’s spokesman said there was no romance between the two of them, and that Adam was only being nice to a fan.

This year has already seen Adam and Paige give fans a glimpse inside their relationship. After leaving the Love Island Villa, the pair announced in August that they were in a relationship for real.

Despite being in a long-distance relationship, the pair said that they had already met one other’s families and discussed their future intentions to move in together. Yet with all that’s happened recently, Love Island UK viewers are wondering how things are going for the couple.

A Breakup Between Adam and Paige

A Breakup Between Adam and Paige

There is no longer any romantic connection between Adam and Paige, as they have both verified. When appearing on the Saving Grace podcast, Paige broke the news to listeners that she is currently not seeing anybody.

During his acceptance speech at the NTAs, Adam revealed they are no longer together and praised Paige as a good girl, but he did not elaborate on why they split up.

Paige said to Cosmopolitan, “I was incredibly outraged by that, but why would I accept anything everyone says when he was treating me a particular way [in private]?” Nonetheless, Paige believes that Adam’s alleged infidelity was documented in more Instagram direct messages sent to her.

The ex-paramedic said, “From then, I was simply like, ‘We’re done.'” This came after Adam had gone for Bali in the midst of the drama where he ghosted her. This is beyond the point of comedy. Paige, the first returning islander from Love Island UK was on the same page as her when the romance ended.

The nonchalance with which Adam treated the issue, according to the 25-year-old, further strengthened her resolve. Apparently, once Thorne erased Adam’s photos from Instagram, he stopped responding to her messages and that was the end of their relationship, as she said. In a separate video, Adam may be seen kissing another woman while in Bali.

Paige made it quite apparent that a reconciliation between the two was out of the question. Paige was previously involved with Love Island UK star Jacques O’Neill before meeting Adam in the villa. Fans may have believed they shouldn’t be together, but they kept coming back to one other anyhow.

After Paige’s breakup with Adam, her fans began to wonder if she had reconciled with Jacques. Then she set the record straight, saying that they are merely friends and had a one-time phone conversation.

Both Ekin-Su Cülcülolu and Indiyah Polack, who appeared on season 8 of Love Island UK, have come out in defense of Paige.

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Exactly what did Adam Collard have to say about the alleged cheating?

Exactly what did Adam Collard have to say about the alleged cheating?

A representative for Adam said at the time that the islander had gone into the McDonald’s and, while he understood ‘how this video appears,’ he went home with a box of 60 nuggets and that was all. The Sun (opens in new tab) has since confirmed that Adam did, in fact, visit the restaurant.

Here’s what the representative had to say: “After a night out with the gang, Adam made his way to McDonald’s. Adam, being Adam, was happy to pose with the females and converse with them and any other fans who wanted to talk in the same video while accompanied by his pals.

Adam is aware of the impression this video gives, but he insists he was just accompanied by his pals and a box of 60 chicken nuggets as he left the restaurant. Adam is completely smitten with his girlfriend Paige.” That is, it appears to have been true up until now.

Has the Relationship Between Paige and Adam Ended?

Sadly, Adam and Paige have broken up only a few short weeks following Adam’s response to the infidelity charges, with Paige spilling huge tea on the reason for the breakup on the Saving Grace podcast.

During the 2022 NTAs, Adam corroborated the information, saying, as reported by The Sun (link opens in new tab): “Things happen when we’re apart. Nonetheless, I do think she’s a really nice young lady.”

The Sun(opens in new tab) stated that Paige was spending time apart from Adam after *that* McDonald’s video, thus rumors of a split had been around for a while.

An anonymous insider told the publication, “Paige feels like she is being humiliated and is really furious about everything that has happened. She thinks Adam is innocent, despite the fact that she has seen many women flock to him.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a hard time with the rumors spreading about their relationship on the internet. Paige has told Adam that she wants to have some time apart.”

It was also noted by followers that Paige had removed any references to Adam from her Instagram page, which in this day and age is not a good sign. In addition, Adam had not liked or commented on a photo that Paige had uploaded to Instagram with the text “I’m okay x.”

After Paige erased all their photos, Adam apparently had something to say about it, posting a photo to his Instagram Stories with the caption “Stop giving a f**k what other people think.”

Then it was claimed that Adam and Paige had called it quits, with Love Island 2022 winner Ekin-Su Cülcülolu telling Mirror Online: “The fight is ended. This task has been completed, and all I can say is that I believe Paige is capable of even greater things.”

The Future of Paige and Adam

Even though it appears that they have broken up, fans of Love Island are still curious as to what comes next for their favorite couple.

Even more intriguing is the fact that it appears like Paige, in particular, is eager to reclaim some facets of her life before she came to the Island.

She stated to Lorraine that she intends to resume her previous career as a paramedic. That’s what she told me, she said “For me personally, I have an interview for a return to paramedic job, so that’s quite exciting.

“Recently, I heard an ambulance’s sirens and experienced severe FOMO. So, I’m getting back into it and exploring my options.” On the question of whether or not her desire to return to the workforce could surprise some, Paige had a short and straightforward response: “Honestly, I can’t see not going back to work.

Adam appears to have resumed his career as a personal trainer since he recently uploaded photos of himself working out at the gym on Instagram. Recently, he went on a vacation of a lifetime to Bali.

Sadly, we now know that the couple’s post-Love Island life will be spent apart since they have decided to end their relationship. Nonetheless, we are interested to see what the future holds for them, as individuals.

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