“Are Piper and Lev Together or Did They Break Up?”

Piper Rockelle Smith, is an American singer, dancer, and internet star. Her prank videos, challenges, and music videos have made her famous. She started her YouTube channel in 2016, and a group of YouTubers who make videos together is called “The Squad.” Lev Cameron, her current boyfriend, is a member of The Squad.

About Piper Rockelle And Lev Cameron

are piper and lev still together

Piper Rockelle was born in the United States on August 21, 2007, according to her Wikipedia page. She also has two brothers. Tyler and Hunter are their names. Since she was a child, Piper liked to dance and sing a lot.

So she started working at a very young age. She used to take part in a number of beauty contests and also did some modeling. All of this happened before she decided to get famous through social media. Piper then signed up for YouTube and made a channel.

The thing that brought her the most attention was the success of her YouTube channel. And it didn’t take long for her to become one of the youngest YouTube stars with a lot of fans. Piper Rockelle has also been in a few episodes of the show “Chicken Girls,” which is not the same thing as social media.

She has also put out songs like “Sidewalk,” “It’s Christmas!” and “Treat Myself” as singles. Lev Cameron came into the world on October 11, 2005. He began taking dance lessons at a very young age because he loved to dance.

Cameron has been on a number of well-known dance reality shows since then. He is also known for being in Justin Timberlake’s hit music video “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” Lev and Piper’s relationship seems to be going well, and their fans hope that it stays that way.

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Lev Cameron And Piper Rockelle’s Relationship Ended? Here Are All the Facts

Lev and Piper posted a video that told people what was going on in their relationship. During the video, they answered a number of questions that their fans had sent in. There’s good news for anyone who has been rooting for this YouTube couple for life.

From the way they were acting in the YouTube video, it’s clear that they’re still together. One of the questions they were asked was if they had ever been in a real fight or not.

They said that they had had small fights in the past, but never big ones. Piper said that when they fight, it’s usually not about them, but about someone else. The couple was also asked who makes the decisions in their relationship.

In other words, who is in charge and makes the decisions? Piper said she was the one who wore pants before, but Lev said he didn’t know. The person taking the video spoke up to say that he thought Piper and Lev were about the same. A third question asked the couple what their favorite memory is of being together.

Lev tried to think of an answer for a second before the cameraman spoke up again. He told a few details about a group trip they all took to Myrtle Beach. Lev finally told Piper that his favorite memory was the first time he kissed her. Piper and Lev were sitting in two chairs next to each other while making the YouTube video.

Most of the time, they showed that they liked each other by leaning toward each other. At one point, they even gave each other a really messy and silly kiss on the mouth. This YouTube couple doesn’t seem likely to break up now or in the near future.

Here’s What Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle’s Fans Have to Say About Them as A Couple

are piper and lev still together

A lot of people have said what they think in the comments section of the couple’s YouTube video. One person wrote, “I love that they are already planning for their future together. That’s what a healthy relationship looks like.”

Another person said, “They really understand and respect each other’s worlds, which is what makes them such a powerful couple.” A third person said, “Liper’s relationship is so cute, real, and honest that even grown-ups can learn from it.” The fan called the two of them “Liper,” which is a combination of their first names.