Are Love Island Australia’s Mitch and Tina Still Together?

Tina Provis and Mitch Hibberd, contestants on Love Island Australia 2022, have been forced to discuss their split all over again after rekindling their romance.

They had the courage to give their romance another go once the 2021 winners returned for “Ex Week” in Season 4. Unfortunately, it didn’t last, as the pair announced following their elimination that they had been eliminated for a second time.

Tina and Mitch took to Instagram to address the “a lot of rumors” that had been circulating regarding the status of their recoupling after the news of their breakup had apparently slipped through the cracks.

In a late December post to his Story, Mitch said that he wants to “clarify a few things so we can put to bed any assumption [fans] may have.” He wrote, “As you all know, the concert this year was taped in advance, and at the present time, Tina and I are not dating.”

The 26-year-old went on to detail how he and Tina “kept seeing one other for numerous months” following his return from Spain. We were constantly rerouting our flights between Sydney and Melbourne due to the uncertainty of the situation.

Mitch elaborated by saying the pair was “under a lot of pressure” due to the difficulty of their long-distance relationship.

Mitch and Tina’s Romantic Vacation on Love Island

Mitch and Tina's Romantic Vacation on Love Island

Australian professional footballer Mitch Hibberd and his PR consultant wife Tina made their way to Sydney to try out for the program. It didn’t take long for sparks to fly between them, despite their radically different upbringings.

They went their own ways for a while, but eventually realized they couldn’t deny their mutual attraction and reconciled. Although Mitch and Tina eventually reconciled, they went through a tough patch after participant Emily Ward got too close to Mitch.

When Mitch finally settled on Tina, though, life returned to normal, and the two remained inseparable until the end. They were so close that they shared advice on everything from raising children to caring for pets.

Mitch asked Tina out on their last date to be his “first-ever girlfriend,” and the question completely warmed her heart. Fans cared deeply about this pair as events unfolded and continued to root for them even after the program had concluded. Even naming the vessel “Titch” was an original idea.

Many viewers are aware that the pair broke up in February of 2022, but they reappeared in season four’s “Ex-week.” But neither of them had any idea that their former partner would also be appearing. Tina expressed her unease at the sight of Mitch with other women.

When they initially arrived at the resort, all everybody spoke about was how they were breaking up. This season, the two of them got back together after being apart for quite some time, but are they still in a relationship now?

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What happened to your friendship with Mitch after you left the villa?

Since we left the villa, Mitch has visited me in Melbourne, and I’ve visited him in Sydney, so we can keep tabs on how things are progressing. The day-to-day dynamics of Love Island are notoriously unpredictable, especially for long-distance couples, so we were both trying to gauge where things may go.

That means we’re breaking up. I feel that Mitch and I have always been a part of one other’s life and have remained good friends despite this. In any case, we have no ill will or animosity between us. I mean, you can never really say never, but I feel like this chapter in our lives has come to an end.

I believe I may have been operating in some sort of altered state of consciousness. When you’re in the Love Island bubble, your feelings and thoughts might seem like they’re being cooked at high temperatures.

Therefore, I believe that going with Mitch, where we are in the final, and experiencing everything for the first time has a special, magical quality. We’re at an all-time high right now.

It’s been an incredible adventure both times, but this time I feel especially fortunate to have shared it with someone I cared really about before and still care deeply about now.

It’s not likely that you’ll cross paths with someone you care about. Furthermore, I wouldn’t alter a thing, despite the fact that I left with the same person I did the last time.

Does anyone know whether Mitch and Tina are still together?

Does anyone know whether Mitch and Tina are still together?

Mitch and Tina have broken up twice, and it’s sad to see them depart. Two months after their 2021 “Love Island Australia” triumph, in February 2022, they split up. When they stopped posting on social media or stopped including their significant other, their admirers started to get worried.

Tina had decided that the time had come to break the quiet and let the fans know what had happened. While she may have preferred to handle the situation discreetly, she made it clear in an Instagram story that she was struggling to cope with her feelings.

Tina said, “It is with great sadness that I inform you that Mitch and I have broken up. As I write this, I am still trying to come to terms with the news I am about to give you. We both realized that this was not meant to be and have come to the conclusion that breaking up is for the best.

She mentioned the inconvenient scheduling, the misalignment of events, and the need for space between them. About an hour later, Mitch explained the split in a message: “Out of respect, I would want to let you know that Tina and I have chosen to discontinue our relationship.”

As is the case with many couples, perhaps the strain of long distance was too much for them. It appeared like the two parted ways on cordial terms and agreed to stay in touch. They were very complimentary to one another and sent best wishes to their former business associate.

After the initial separation, the pair did try to hide their rekindled passion behind closed doors, but Tina eventually broke her silence. They probably wouldn’t be able to make up if she was really harmed. Not only that, but viewers stopped rooting for the pair as much in the fourth season.

The odd thing is that after their second breakup in December 2022, Mitch said in an interview, “I don’t think the door is closed on that chapter, I think for the time being, I’m just comfortable and happy focusing on myself and what I want to do.

Personally, I believe Tina is a fantastic young lady, so who knows what the future may bring for her. Never is a word that should be used lightly in real life. I never expected to be a part of Love Island Season 4, yet here I am.

There is, therefore, a chance that they will reconcile and live happily ever after. Instead, Tina claimed that it was Mitch who wasn’t emotionally available. It’s normal for Mitch to be in the “trying things out” phase of his romantic life, as he has no idea what he wants.

When asked if she knew who Mitch hooked up with after their separation, Tina said, “I found out that approximately five days after we had broken up before we’d officially declared it, a specific pair had hooked up with each other.”

The crowd’s reaction this time was drastically different; they wanted the pair to leave the resort. Most viewers believed the producers were playing up the coupling too much at the expense of the other characters. The viewers didn’t buy into the couple’s pitch for a “second chance,” and they were relieved when they were kicked off.

Tina and Mitch used Instagram stories to let their followers know they were still together. Continuing his lengthy explanation of the difficulties they had because of the distance between them, Mitch said, “As you all know, the performance this year was pre-recorded and currently, both Tina and I are not dating.”

Tina wrote a similar essay in which she admitted that she had the tendency to “hang on to things that aren’t beneficial for me.” There was mutual respect and dignity in both of their roles. They went their separate ways to develop as people, and now it appears that both of them are successful.

Tina currently runs a thriving public relations firm in addition to her popular YouTube channel. While Mitch has a regular football career and is active on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok as an influencer. Whatever their romantic state may be, Tina and Mitch’s followers will be satisfied as long as they continue to succeed individually.