Are Tj and Merm Still Together? All You Need to Know About There Relationship from Wicked Tuna!

Wicked Tuna is an American reality television show that follows Gloucester, Massachusetts-based commercial tuna fishermen. They intend to pursue the delicious Atlantic bluefin tuna. And this happens in the North Atlantic Ocean. The show is about whose team can make the most money from catching the fish. The fishing teams compete against each other.

Since April 1, 2012, the television show has been broadcast on national geographic channels. Fishing is not considered a leisure activity. Wicked tuna makes you understand that fishing in the middle of the ocean is more hazardous rather than fishing onshore. A couple of teams compete against each other and see who makes the most money out of this competition by catching tuna.

Are Tj and Merm Still Together?

are tj and merm still together

Their relationship is more kind of a discreet romance. Both of them are not much active on social media. The show’s viewers could not find or see the development of tj and merms relationship on film. Everyone was busy catching the tuna and the star’s business function as they competed against each other for the most costly catch.

Tj is the skipper of the vessel ‘The Hot Tuna’, and Merm called Marissa crews on the pinwheel with her brother Tyler. Many people still believe that the couple has been dating since wicked tuna. In outer banks, season 2, Tj unintentionally wrote online that he wanted to get a dog with her partner and tagged Merm in that post.

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Who Is Tj Ott?

are tj and merm still together

Tj ott hosts the national geography television series ‘wicked tuna’, a spin-off of ‘wicked tuna: outer banks’. Tj Ott is also the captain of fishing boats. The fishermen in Gloucester, Massachusetts, catch bluefin tuna for a living while competing against other fishermen. They compete and see whose selling the most and making more money—the one who has more money in the episode.

Tj Ott was born in Broad Channel, a small island west of new york city. His family has always supported him and made him hunt. Fishing is a priority in their lives. In 1989 Tj’s father they are travelled across different places to hunt and catch bluefin tuna.

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Who Is Merm?

Merm, also known as Marisaa, is an American television actress and fisherwoman. She is 31 and comes from the country. She is famous for her role in the “wicked tuna” national geographic series. Marissa is also well-known as Tyler McLaughlin’s sister. Merm’s father has been instructing her children about fishing from a young age. Her brother Tyler began feeling at the age of two.

Merm used to go fishing with her brother in the boat. But she is as skilled as her brother at fishing. Her family has a fishing tradition. She started feeling at an early age like her brother. She has all the knowledge about fishing and the abilities required to make a catch easily. She knows how to catch a bluefin tuna in the North Atlantic Ocean and is very skilful.

Did Tj Ott and Merm Break Up?

Tj Ott does not currently have a spouse. The sincerity in tj and merms relationship was evident and could be seen by everyone. They used to send out signals about their dating life. They both haven’t been the most active couple on social media, but they used to work out things together and let people know they were something.

Their romance is very low-key and is meant to be discreet. They are very private regarding their personal space. They don’t intend to show the camera their faces and unique things. The couple works hard and does their job with sincerity.