Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos: A Comprehensive Examination of The Meticulous Murder!!

Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos: Due to the startling circumstances surrounding Betty Gore’s murder in Wylie, Texas in June 1980 by her friend Candy Montgomery, the incident soon gained national notice.

The fact that prior to this encounter, rumors were circulating that Montgomery was having an affair with Gores’ husband added yet another level of complexity.

When their heated debate reached a boiling point, violence resulted, notably a lethal attack by Montgomery brandishing an ax, which she later claimed was done in self-defense.

Betty Gore Crime Scene Photos: The Details of A Tragic Incident and The Photos!!

betty gore crime scene photos

The murder scene that awaited those who found Betty Gores’s body was nothing short of terrible; her killer had coated every inch of her utility room in blood.

No one should ever have to witness the grave harm the latter inflicted on Ms. Gores’s face, which caused it to be mutilated beyond recognition.

After being called by the Miami-Dade Police Department, Detective Juan Rivera lost no time in recording the situation by snapping nine pictures.

The object or piece of evidence shown in the images is the photograph of Betty Gores that was discovered at the site. Some have questioned the police’s decision to simply share this image and why they didn’t photograph the crime scene more thoroughly.

There are several reasons why this can be the case. It’s possible that the detective had no other copies of the image or that they were reluctant to take extra photos for fear of tainting the proof. 

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Uncovering the Cause and Details of Betty Gore’s Tragic Death!!

betty gore crime scene photos

Candy Montgomery murdered Betty Gore on June 13, 1980, which was also a Friday. Strangely, authorities had also found a newspaper at Betty Gore’s home that had been opened with a poster of The Shining

It appears to be yet another fortuitous aspect of the murder that somehow managed to have a semblance of synchronization with the crime, similar to how Nicholson’s character chases his wife with an axe in The Shining.

Reports state that Candy hit Betty with an axe 41 times, 28 of which were head blows. At first, they thought she’d been shot because of how her head looked. But afterward, injuries to her head, face, torso, arms, hands, and legs proved that she had been killed with an axe. 

The neighbors found her dead first in the utility room of her house; they then told her husband, Allan Gore, and reported the crime to the authorities.

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Where Was Betty Gore’s Baby When Betty Was Murdered?

According to The Dallas Morning News, Betty’s baby daughter Bethany was reportedly at home during the murder in her crib. Later, when Allan asked the neighbors to check out the house, they arrived and discovered her. 

Bethany, it was said, was unharmed, but had been left unattended nearly all day since the neighbors had arrived at the house in the evening. 

Even one of the neighbors remembered seeing the infant sobbing in her cot after being “fed or nothing” all day before discovering the “bloody mess” in the utility room.

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What Did Candy Montgomery Do After Committing the Murder?

betty gore crime scene photos

Candy Montgomery’s account of the murder states that she went to Betty’s home to pick up Betty’s older daughter’s swimsuit since she was spending the night at the Montgomery residence for a sleepover. 

When she got to Betty’s house, Betty started interrogating her about her relationship with Allan. Candy claimed that rather than rejecting it, she told Betty they had broken up a long time ago. 

Candy’s confession was not well received by Betty, who attempted to attack her with an axe she had acquired from her garage. The two engaged in a heated exchange after which the axe struck Candy in her head and the middle toe of her left foot.

Candy stated that after taking hold of the axe, she continued to strike Betty in an effort to defend herself. The actual crime scene, however, only references how Candy’s feelings ultimately led her to attack Betty 41 times with an axe.

She said during her trial that Betty’s baby was still upstairs wailing in the crib when she had a shower at the Gore home.

After changing into clean clothing, Montgomery took her kids and the eldest daughter of the Gores to church for Bible study. She later ate lunch with her friends. It is also mentioned that Montgomery threw away the shoes she was wearing when the murder occurred.