Celebrities with Notoriously Questionable Fashion Sense Who Always Leaves Us……..

14 Celebs with Notoriously Questionable Fashion Sense. We’re used to seeing famous people who have great style. Most of the time, they walk the red carpet in dazzling dresses and well-fitted suits.

They have enough money to be dressed by the best designers, so why do some of them look like they got lost in a pile of clothes?

Even when stars walk around town, they know they’ll be photographed, and we understand that sometimes people don’t want to dress up. Shorts and a tank top are good to wear on some days. We won’t say anything bad about those famous people.

We’re going after the ones who always dress like they grabbed their things in the dark. When they walk around town, they wear clothes that are too big, don’t match, and make them look terrible. Heck, anyone would look bad in them. It just shows that they can’t wear anything they want just because they’re pretty.

Even street fashion isn’t what we’re talking about. Some celebrities are brave enough to walk the red carpet in outfits that are confusing and ugly. Looking at you, Helena Bonham Carter. What’s wrong with your style, girl?

We’re going to talk about 30 celebrities whose fashion choices are, to say the least, questionable. Some of these people need help with their sense of style. Don’t they have anyone to tell them that what they’re wearing is awful?

Lady Gaga

celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

We haven’t liked Lady Gaga’s style for a while, but we can’t say we blame her. She is known for being strange. She has worn everything from dresses made of meat to dresses made of Kermit stuffed toys. She can dress nicely if she wants to, but why do that when you can be weird?

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Mickey Rourke

celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Mickey Rourke and his face have been through a lot in their lives. He has a great sense of style, so you’d think he’d try harder, but nope. He wears anything he can get his hands on, especially pants that are about three sizes too small.

Johnny Depp

celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Johnny Depp has been a hottie for a long time, so he could pretty much wear whatever he wanted. Still, there was a time when he didn’t have any eyebrows (by choice). Even though we didn’t like Gomez Addams’s look, it was better than some of the other things he’s been wearing lately.

Katy Perry

celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Katy Perry is one of those performers who dress in crazy things to get attention. This includes dressing up with dice, as half a man and half a woman, as candy, or as a chandelier. Her clothes when she is not on stage are not much better.

Mariah Carey

celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Mariah Carey has no idea where to shop for her size. It looks like everything she wears is a size two or too small. We get that she has a weird body shape, but you have enough money to have things made just for her. Back when she was popular, she looked pretty good and had a great sense of style. What went wrong?


celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Kesha has built a name for herself by looking like a wild party girl who probably smells bad. We don’t think she smells bad, but she definitely looks like she’s had too much to drink. If her clothes aren’t all over the place, they’re half off her body.

Miley Cyrus

celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Miley Cyrus wants to show that she is no longer a good girl, which is something that a lot of Disney stars do. Well, the way she dresses says that loud and clear. She doesn’t wear much clothing most of the time, and she often chooses to wear a bra instead of a top.

Kim Kardashian

celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Kim K’s style has gotten a lot better over the years, but it’s easy to get better when you’re starting from scratch. She still makes a lot of fashion mistakes, but not wearing enough clothes is her biggest problem.

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Nicki Minaj

celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Nicki Minaj’s brand is to wear clothes that make us feel uncomfortable. She sometimes wears something very pretty and flattering, but most of the time she wears neon colors that hurt your eyes.


celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Madonna’s thing has always been her style. The cone bra was the first step, and she never looked back. The stranger her clothes were, the more people looked at her. So, it was only natural that her style went off the deep end. Listen, we just don’t want to see Madonna wearing revealing clothes and acting like she’s a teenager anymore.

Cardi B

celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Cardi B is annoying, and her style isn’t much better. When it’s clear she put on her own clothes because they aren’t put together well. You have to wonder if anyone has tried to stop her. Possibly, she should hire someone like that.

Justin Bieber

celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Justin Bieber is the kind of child that no mother wants. Everything he wears shows what kind of person he is. It looks bad. He looks like he smells like a mix of body odor and so much Axe body spray that it could kill an elephant.

Kanye West

celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Kanye West is a lot more than just his terrible taste in clothes. He usually wears two jackets and jeans that are so big that another person could fit inside them. Even scarier is that the guy has his own line of clothes.

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celebs with notoriously questionable fashion sense

Cher, sweetie. Putting on your stage clothes is one thing, but wearing them outside is another. Because she wears crazy things every day, it’s getting harder and harder to tell when she’s on stage and when she’s not.