Chelsea Houska: Inside Teen Mom’s Plastic Surgery With Before And After Photos

Chelsea went to a clinic to receive a little touch-up Botox, and she brought her Instagram followers with her. Chelsea recorded a self-portrait video for her Instagram Stories prior to the appointment. “It’s snowing and quite cold here,” she said. “But you know what makes me feel warm? Does my small heart feel warm? I’m filling out my lips for the holidays. I’ll go ahead and do that right away.”

Chelsea then recorded herself receiving the operation, which produced results right away.

Chelsea flaunted her lips after the operation. She said in another video, “So I did my Botox touch-up, and then I have numbness on my lips.” “Just a tiny amount, because it’s just a touch-up.”

After arriving at her house, Chelsea displayed the after pictures of her lips, including the first-time use of a new process. “There are no bruises or other injuries. I believe we painted at least half of her face, if not all of it. I only needed a little boost in my upper lip,” she remarked. chelsea houska plastic surgery

“I had my jaw treated with Botox for the first time. Particularly when I’m under stress or my anxiety is particularly bad, I really clench my teeth. I’m eager to see how that goes because (the nurse) indicated that will help a lot.”

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Fans Of Chelsea Houska React On Her New Appearance

Some of Chelsea DeBoer’s followers noticed that she didn’t quite look like herself when she recently posted a photo of herself and her husband Cole DeBoer on her Instagram page.

“You look different. Don’t get work done,”  one of Chelsea’s fans wrote on the photo.

“Wtf is up with her face?” asked another of Chelsea’s admirers. “I really hope she didn’t get work done and ruin her beautiful face!” chelsea houska plastic surgery

Chelsea was drawn to one comment in particular when one of her fans enquired as to whether she utilized Photoshop or had any work done.

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Chelsea Isn’t Against Fillers And Botox

Chelsea responded to several queries from fans on her Instagram Stories later in the day. Chelsea was asked: “Have you ever had Botox or filler? If so, how has it gone for you?”

“I count myself among those who support doing whatever the hell you want. I’ve received Botox and some filler in the past. My dad gets Botox, as I previously mentioned, and he comes to my house to get it done, so…” Chelsea informed her supporters.

Chelsea has already faced criticism for the way she looks. The former MTV actress just completed a 75-day fitness challenge and flaunted her toned physique.chelsea houska plastic surgery

Chelsea’s detractors have criticized her for wearing too much makeup to her at-home exercises despite the fact that she regularly works out on the Peloton to improve her health.

Even though Chelsea recently dyed her trademark red hair a dark brown color, some of her detractors believe the former Teen Mom 2 star still needs a makeover.

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Many of Chelsea’s followers don’t like her “orange” spray tan, and some claim that she overdid the lip fillers.

Chelsea has discovered that, regrettably, criticism from admirers and detractors is standard practice after being on the TV screens of millions of spectators and sharing details of her life on social media.