The best buddies! Without some key cast members, Colin Jost doesn’t think Saturday Evening Dwell would be the same, especially without his friend Pete Davidson.

“I’m hoping I’ll still see them. As for the celebrities who won’t be appearing in the sketch comedy series again, Jost, 40, told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, July 7, “It’s not like I’m suddenly not going to see them, but I will miss them being around on a regular basis.” When your friends work in the same building as you do, it is a nice thing.

The comic said, “I don’t imagine anybody’s pondered stuff yet,” when asked who would replace Davidson on the show. That would be comparable to our low season. Nobody is very excited about it, although

Colin Jost Will 'Miss’ Pete Davidson on 'Saturday Night Live'

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The Massive Time Adolescence actor said in May that, eight years after the show’s season 47 conclusion, he would be leaving the NBC series.

The King of Staten Island actor shared a video of Jerrod Carmichael giving him a bear hug in 2014 on Instagram using SNL author Dave Sirus’ account at the time. Davidson’s heartfelt note regarding his departure was posted alongside the 10-second clip.

This video was shot eight years ago. The Man Code alum captioned the post, “Jerrod sent it to me last night and it made me so emotional in the best way possible. “In the video, I was fresh off of finishing my very first update and doodle. It is absurd to think that I will be performing my last one at this time.

Davidson said, “When I purchased the show, I was 20 years old and had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t especially, though, from that time. I used to be really anxious about what I may say or do on such an illustrious, prestigious platform. I had the opportunity to open up to this audience and truly grow up in front of your eyes.

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After several reports that the Suicide Squad star will log out alongside fellow longtime solid members Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Kyle Mooney, the New York native stoked speculation that he may be taking his final bow before the end of season 47. The Good Morning actor “may be on” the episode, Us Weekly said in the days leading up to the finale, but it might be his last.

Davidson might be leaving the popular comedy show, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t booked and active. The Bupkisa project from Peacock may provide viewers with a heightened, fictitious representation of Davidson’s life. The actor from Set It Up will be starring in it.

For his part, Jost is focused on Cosmo, the kid he received in August 2021 with his wife Scarlett Johansson.

After this, get home properly, Scarlett advised. Why have you been absent for a week? Things like that, too, our kid’s practically one you can’t leave for a week,” the Staten Island Summer author quipped to ET on Thursday.

Jost informed ET that they would be celebrating their child’s birthday in the following month. “One is good because you could just make up things that happened at the time and he wouldn’t understand it didn’t happen,”