What Country of Origin Is Singer Dua Lipa as She Receives an Albanian Passport?

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Country of Origin Is Singer Dua Lipa

What country is Dua Lipa from and where was she born? President Bajram Begaj granted Dua Lipa citizenship on November 27.

Dua has been producing music for a long time and has used her skill to become very well-known in the business.

President Begaj awarded the singer citizenship after realizing the impact she had.

What Is Dua Lipa’s Nationality?

The singer is a British national who was born in England. Her parents are Albanians, nevertheless. She and her parents have always resided in the UK, yet she has maintained her Albanian heritage.

The artist, who has always been a patriotic Albanian, was given citizenship for her work in promoting the country’s culture through song.

Dua will now possess two passports as dual citizenship is permitted for citizens of the United Kingdom.

Country of Origin Is Singer Dua Lipa

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What the Singer Has Said

According to ABC, Dua expressed her joy and honor at receiving citizenship by saying, “I will be an Albanian with documents too.”

It is an amazing wonderful joy with such acceptance, affection, and everything, she continued.

For a very long time, Dua has used her music to benefit the nation. Together with her father, she established Sunny Hill Foundation in 2016.

Through their yearly concerts in Kosovo, the duo has been raising money. The funds raised by these concerts are used to assist anyone who may have been struggling financially.

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Country of Origin Is Singer Dua Lipa

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What We Know About the Singer’s Parents

According to Capital FM, Dua’s mother, Anesa Lipa, is employed in the tourism industry. Her father is Dukagjin Lipa in the meantime. He is the lead singer of the band Oda and a marketing manager!

One of the primary influences on her and the reason she chose to pursue music was her father.

Since she was five years old, Dua has been singing, with her father serving as a coach. In 1992, her parents departed Pristina. In addition, Dua has a younger brother named Gjin and a sister named Rina.

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