Dr. Jocelyn Miranda, a Friend of Shawn Mendes and A Chiropractor, Works with Notable Celebrities.

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Friend of Shawn Mendes and A Chiropractor

After seeing photos of Dr. Jocelyne Miranda’s outing with Shawn Mendes posted all over social media, the majority of you may be asking who she is.

Although their friendship has only recently come to light, the two have been close for a while. There are numerous photos of them together if you are her Instagram follower.

Jocelyne has a long number of famous clientele, including Justin Bieber and Post Malone, so Shawn is not the only celebrity she is close to or has worked with.

So, this is all we know about the well-known chiropractor.


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Dr. Jocelyne Miranda (@drjocelynemiranda) shared a post.

Dr. Jocelyne Miranda Has Worked with Shawn Mendes

Shawn and Jocelyne collaborated on his tour, as seen by one of Jocelyne’s Instagram pictures from 2021. Hard Work From The Heart is what her caption reads, along with the phrase “#loveourjob.”

On the singer’s birthday of the same year, she released another post in which she appears to be working on relaxation techniques on him. The nice caption for the picture read, “Celebrating you. a ray of hope for this planet

She has images of herself with the musician on her profile from 2019, so the two appear to have been friends for at least a few years.

On October 21, Jocelyne posted a photo of herself and Shawn that also included Omar Apollo standing next to them.

Additionally, it’s clear from her photos from throughout the globe that she enjoys traveling.


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Dr. Jocelyne Miranda (@drjocelynemiranda) shared a post.

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She Is an Experienced Chiropractor

Jocelyne has more than 20 years of experience in the field of chiropractic and rehabilitation, according to her official website.

She mostly works with singers and performers to practice diaphragm and breathing techniques while also enhancing the mobility and mechanics of high-performance athletes.

Being good at what you do and doing what you love are the two tenets of Jocelyne, according to her website, because “that’s all that really matters.”

Her love for her career is evident in almost every Instagram post she makes.

Additionally, she offers for sale on her website an organic pain relief oil designed for “anyone who wants to lead an active, pain-free lifestyle.”


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Dr. Jocelyne Miranda (@drjocelynemiranda) shared a post.

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An impressive list of celebrity clients

One of the many well-known clients Jocelyne has a close relationship with is Shawn. Hailey Baldwin and Justin Baldwin’s photographs may be found in abundance on her Instagram.

Either she appears with musicians and other artists at their performances, or they are all photographed together while on vacation.

A photo of her and J Balvin, which she refers to as “The Latino Gang,” is also available.

She shares the frame with Post Malone if you click farther down her profile.

Take a peek at her profile HERE to see the whole list.

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