Inside Drew Sidora Shocking Divorce! Why Are They Hiding the Whole Record from The Public?

drew sidora divorce

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are ending their marriage for good, the sources have learned exclusively.

Pittman, who is 37 years old, told in an exclusive interview, “Love is a beautiful thing.” “We’ve made the hard decision to move on to the next parts of our lives apart from each other.

Drew and I have decided to file for divorce. The most essential thing is how our three amazing young children think and develop. As we try to get through this hard time, I’d like you to respect our privacy.”

Sidora, who is 37, said this in a statement: “After fighting hard for my marriage for eight years, I have made the hard decision to let my husband go with love. Ralph and I have decided to go our separate ways, but we want to stay friends so that we can be good parents together.

drew sidora divorce

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Even though our lives are very public, I would like privacy during this hard time as my children and I learn how to deal with our new starts.”

Documents that the sources got show that Pittman’s divorce petition was sent to Gwinnett County Superior Court the same week. The sources also got papers that show Sidora filed for divorce an hour before Pittman did.

Pittman said the couple broke up on February 19, but the actress from “The Game” says they have been apart since February 23.

Pittman’s papers ask for joint legal and physical custody of their children, but Sidora’s petition says that “there is no chance or hope of reconciliation” between the couple. She requests sole physical custody for a brief period of time and then shared legal custody.

The Step-Up actress filed for divorce again the same week, but this time she made some shocking claims about Pittman. She said that he is a “serial cheater and adulterer” who hurt her mentally, financially, and even physically at one point.

In August 2014, Sidora and Pittman got married. In June 2015, they had a son named Machai, and in February 2018, they had a daughter named Aniya. The former star of “That’s So Raven” also has a son named Josiah who is 11 years old.

Many of the problems in their marriage that led to their divorce were shown on RHOA.

drew sidora divorce

Sidora discovered an odd text conversation between her husband and his employee last year (who was later fired). It was quite difficult for her to learn that my husband was becoming close to his assistant, she said on the program. “We all went to Chicago after I had prepped my kids. I fled my house by sprinting.”

Moreover, Sidora stated that Pittman should “Respect the Relationship.”

RHOA castmates also weighed in, with Kenya Moore calling Pittman “so disrespectful” when he was accused of gaslighting his wife.

In a 2022 episode, Moore, who was 52 at the time, told Pittman, “You’re basically saying that she’s lying and that what happened wasn’t what happened.” “If someone said that to me in person, especially if I was hurting, it would make me angry as hell. You don’t get it, do you? You’re making her feel bad.”

Sidora stated to BET in June of last year that she and her spouse will continue to fight for their marriage despite their issues.

drew sidora divorce

“I thought it would be like in Cinderella, with a happy ending, so we thought that’s how it would be,” she said. “My parents, who have been married for about 60 years, made it look so easy. We have kids, and we’re moving to a new city. Things are happening in my life, and sources are growing and changing.”

She continued, “It’s challenging because you occasionally question if you should be married or whether you’d be happier living alone. I then contemplate: “If two individuals make a vow and keep it, what can we do to rectify this? ” You’re changing counselors to find the right one, but we’re committed, and I think that’s what keeps sources together.”

Sidora also said, “It’s not perfect because I’m not perfect and God knows he’s not perfect,” but they “keep doing the work” anyway.

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Latest Update: Drew Sidora Pleads With Judge To Seal Divorce Records

drew sidora divorce

According to court records, RadarOnline was able to get, Drew and Ralph are requesting that the entire record be kept confidential.

The ex-couples claim they are “both public figures or have achieved some kind of notoriety as a result of their appearances on a well-known reality television program and other entertainment-related endeavors.”

Drew claimed that since she filed for divorce, multiple websites have posted court documents. In order to “protect the parties, and more importantly their minor children, from the needless invasion of their privacy and undue shame,” the reality star who is paid to share her life with the world argued that the case’s sealing is required.

Drew and Ralph both filed for divorce earlier this month, as reported. She claimed she could no longer stand her husband’s “continuous blatant disrespect and mental abuse” and accused him of “repeated unconditioned adultery.”

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