Emma Corrin is narrating their tale. On the Vogue cover, The Crown star talked openly about coming out as gay.

“My smile pretty much says it all! It was a big honour to be your August cover,” Corrin, 26, remarked of the photo shoot, in which they were seen flashing their armpit hair while wearing a tweed shirt and a baseball cap.

Gender isn’t something that feels fixed in my head, and I don’t know if it ever will, Corrin said in the interview that was released on Wednesday, July 6. For me, there might always be some flexibility there.

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When the Golden Globe winner released photographs from their Pop Magazine article on Instagram in April 2021, it served as their public coming-out. They were pictured in a bridal gown, and Corrin wrote the social media post, “Ur favourite queer bride.” The actor updated their Instagram bio at the same time they changed their pronouns.

Corrin told Vogue that since the announcement, they felt “more seen.”But my closest friends will call me “she,” and I don’t mind because I know they know me, the actress said. “I feel much more seen when they refer to me as ‘them,'” the actor said. The British-born person said that their family has also been helpful.

After I told my mother that I had started dating a girl, my younger brother DM’d me to say, “Hey, I wanted to say welcome, because I’ve been bi for aeons.”The My Policeman actor acknowledged that their road hasn’t been simple despite the support of their loved ones.

It was tough for me to wear bras in Chatterley and as Marion, but that’s probably because I’m not Emma. Since I’m an actor, I have work to do. I had a great chuckle with my dresser when I put on these bras from the 1960s, they said.

Emma Corrin Shows Off Body Hair on the Cover of 'Vogue'

Corrin continued by emphasising the significance of leveraging one’s celebrity for good. “Having a platform and being able to use it is obviously very crucial — and I met some wonderful individuals through it,” they said.

Since coming out, the Pennyworth actor has updated their supporters on their experience. Wearing a homemade binder, Corrin uploaded a carousel of pictures to Instagram in July 2021.

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When I was toying about with @sirdavidsimon before I purchased my first proper binder, we utilised boxing wrap. I appreciate you taking these photos of me since they are extremely personal, very fresh, and very cool. Right, everything is a journey. Lots of changes and twists, but that’s okay! Alongside the black and white images, they stated, “Embrace it.