Eve Barlow Was Banned from Pal Amber Heard’s Court Case with Johnny Depp.!

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Eve Barlow was banned from pal Amber Heard’s court case with Johnny Depp

Eve Barlow, a journalist, was asked to leave the courtroom where Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s defamation case was being heard and was prohibited from returning.

Amber Heard is close friends with LA-based music writer Eve Barlow. She was her outspoken advocate both during and after the trial.

The former NME deputy editor was reported “dramatically” ejected from the courtroom at the time for tweeting and texting in the front row, which is typically reserved for legal counsel. Page Six reported this at the time.

Why was Eve Barlow thrown out of the Depp Vs Heard libel trial?

Page Six was informed by court insiders that Barlow, who has appeared to be always with Heard for the previous 18 months, had allegedly been talking about the case with Heard’s legal team.

She tweeted in real-time while in my courtroom. According to Page Six, the judge at the time, Penney S. Azcarate, remarked, “I know the deputies took her out because she was texting.

“That violates the court’s directive. While this case is being tried, Ms. Barlow won’t be returning to the courtroom.

Eve Barlow was banned from pal Amber Heard’s court case with Johnny Depp

According to Therconline, Barlow claimed that Gina Deuters, a witness for Depp’s camp, had been compromised after viewing a video of the trial.

According to sources, Barlow allegedly brought up a Deuters social media post, stating it was a recent entry related to the ongoing trial.

The post in question was actually shared during Depp’s trial against The Sun tabloid in 2021, it turns out. Deuters did acknowledge, though, that she had watched a trial video online before testifying, according to The Independent. As a result, she was asked to leave the courtroom and her testimony was not recorded.

Later, Depp’s attorneys requested that Barlow be excluded from the trial, and the judge granted their request.

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Eve Barlow’s Support for Amber Heard


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Eve Barlow (@evebarlow) shared a blog entry.

Amber Heard has Eve Barlow’s unwavering backing in the public eye. She has also been active on social media. Barlow shared an emotional statement of support for Heard on Instagram when the trial was over in June 2022.

“Your voice is too essential to be stolen in such a horrible, insane carnival of hate,” she tweeted beneath a photograph with the hashtag “#istandwithamberheard.” You are too crucial. You’ve endured enough already. And you will continue to live. Amber, I have faith in you. I will always do that.

The jury determined that Heard disparaged Depp in three different ways in a co-ed article she published for The Washington Post in 2018. Additionally, they discovered Depp defamed Heard with a remark his lawyer made, reports CNN.

Eve Barlow was banned from pal Amber Heard’s court case with Johnny Depp

Depp received $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages from the jury. Heard received a $2 million compensatory damages judgment from the jury, but no punitive damages were given.

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Journalist Penned an Open Letter

More recently, Barlow released an open letter in support of Amber that was signed by more than 130 groups, academics, and professionals with expertise in domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Gloria Steinem and others signed the letter. It asserted that misinformation, misogyny, biphobia, and a monetized social media environment where a woman’s claims of domestic violence and sexual assault were mocked for amusement were the main causes of the continuous online harassment of Heard and her supporters.

Eve Barlow was banned from pal Amber Heard’s court case with Johnny Depp

Eve Barlow discussed the letter in a post on Instagram. “Today I woke up to learn that more than 130 organizations, scholars, and experts in the fields of domestic abuse and sexual assault signed an open letter in support of Amber,” the writer said.

It is a comfort that is difficult to describe. I’m grateful. You are all so cherished and vital, women survivors.


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