George Soros Won’t Be Dead in 2022, Even Though Fake Obituaries Keep Coming Out.

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George Soros Won't Be Dead

The latest victim of the infamous death scam is American financier George Soros, who has left people wondering if he is actually dead after posting false obituaries on Twitter.

This is not the first time that the billionaire has allegedly passed away, according to rumours.

And, like George, many other well-known people have fallen prey to outrageous allegations that are unsupported by any evidence.

The financier is still alive in 2022, we can confirm that

George Soros Isn’t Dead

Multiple factors are at play in the George confusion that has taken over Twitter.

People are talking about another bogus obituary of George that was unintentionally published by Reuters in 2013. While we have discovered fake obituaries being shared on social media that say the billionaire passed away, people are also discussing this false obituary.

However, following tweets with the subject line “BREAKING: According to media sources George Soros has died earlier today aged 92 in Hungary” appeared, a lot of people quickly realized this was yet another celebrity death hoax that “comes around more often than Christmas.”

George Soros Won't Be Dead

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False Obituary in 2022 Dates Back to Years Ago

According to Forbes, when Reuters published a “premature” obituary of George in 2013, the same misunderstanding occurred.

According to reports, a fill-in-the-blank sentence in the over 1,000-word article paid tribute to the investor, saying: “George Soros, who died XXX at age XXX, was a predatory and enormously successful financier and investor, who paradoxically argued for years against the same sort of free-wheeling capitalism that made him billions.”

Additionally, the headline stated that he had passed away at the age of “XX”.

Michael Vachon, Geroge’s fund management advisor, rejected the claim while expressing sympathy for his boss when Forbes contacted him for comment at the time.

Even Reuters apologized for the inaccurate report, stating: “Reuters mistakenly published an advance obituary of businessman and philanthropist George Soros. According to a Soros representative, the financier from New York is healthy and living. Reuters apologizes for the error.

George Soros Won't Be Dead

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American Financier Is Alive at The Age of 92

George is still alive and making news for his business endeavors.

According to Bloomberg, his estimated net worth as of November 22, 2022, is $8.5 billion.

George is well-known for being outspoken about his political views in addition to having an outstanding career in finance. He reportedly donated to Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden throughout their campaigns in 2008 and 2012 as well as being a vocal admirer of the late President Barack Obama.

In addition, he is the author of several books, including What It Means, The Crisis of Global Capitalism, and The Alchemy of Finance.

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