Harry Styles Fans Devastated as Tickets for Brixton Show Sell for Over £1500

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Harry Styles Fans Devastated as Tickets for Brixton Show Sell for Over £1500

‘Harry House,’ the former One Direction member’s solo album, is set to be released soon. Those who attend his ‘One Night Only event in Brixton will be the first to hear the whole tracklist live. Harry Styles tickets for the 2022 event, on the other hand, sold out online in minutes and reappeared on resale sites.

Fans of Harry Styles are in tears after ‘One Night Only‘ sold out in minutes, with resellers reportedly asking $1500 for tickets.

During his Coachella show last month, the artist sang his hit song “As It Was,” as well as “Late Night Talkings” and “Boyfriends.”

‘One Night Only’ Sells Out In Minutes:


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As part of his One Night Only tour, Harry will perform at Brixton’s O2 on May 24. He’ll be performing songs from his upcoming album, ‘Harry’s House,’ which will be released on May 20.

Customers of O2 and American Express were permitted to purchase tickets before the general public. Those who pre-ordered ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ were also eligible for pre-sale tickets through Ticketmaster.

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According to London, the general sale began on May 11 at 10 a.m., 24 hours after the pre-sale.

“The Price of Like 6 Months’ Rent”

Harry Styles Fans Devastated as Tickets for Brixton Show Sell for Over £1500

Those who missed out on the pre-sale tickets had to get up extra early the next day. It was still too late.

Fans who were unlucky were left sad when the tickets sold out in minutes. Only to discover that they were being offered for a ridiculously high price.

Many people turned to Twitter to voice their displeasure that tickets were being resold for $1500 instead of the original $50 price.

“I just want to know how people have the guts to buy 50 concert tickets and then try to sell them for over 1000, like someone s trying to get nearly 6000 for ONE ticket to the harry styles one night only in London, like what the real f***,” another enraged fan tweeted.

“This s**t makes me so mad,” wrote a third. I was 637th in line and didn’t even get a ticket *cries again*”

Fans Will Go the Extra Mile (and Cash) for Their Idol:

Harry Styles Fans Devastated as Tickets for Brixton Show Sell for Over £1500

“This s**t makes me so angry,” another wrote. I was 637th in line and didn’t get a ticket *crying*”

While some fans begged for tickets, others swiftly chastised the official ticket outlets for not imposing a limit on their transactions “so that true fans can acquire them.”

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