Hasan and Lavlune Are Engaged in A Verbal Battle as He Responds to Accusations.!

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Hasan and Lavlune Are Engaged

Hasan Piker, a Twitch streamer, has refuted allegations made by fellow streamer Lavlune that he had sex with her buddy when she was 17 years old.

Hasan responded to Lavlune’s statements on November 15 by calling them “crazy,” after which Lavlune took to Patreon to confirm that her companion was not underage and that the arrangement was in fact “legal.”


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Hasan Piker (@hasandpiker) shared a blog entry.

Hasan Responds to Allegations Posed by Lavlune

Hasan was confronted with allegations on November 14 by Lavlune, who claimed in a message that he had “slept with” a 17-year-old.

The following day, Hasan reacted to the accusation at the beginning of his stream.

Although he had planned to talk about the subject “later,” he claimed that because there are “so many sick freaks out there, who want to use s*** like this,” he had changed his mind.

Hasan reasoned that it would be best to respond to the accusations right away since his stream chat audience would otherwise “go crazy about it” all day.

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a message that lavender (@lavlune) shared

Hasan hits out at Lavlune’s ‘insane’ accusation

The charges were deemed “crazy” and “psychotic” by Hasan, who also claimed that Lavlune had “massaged” the data by saying the woman was 19, not 17.

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Lavine speaks out about Hasan’s allegations

Then, Lavlune addressed the issue on Patreon, writing: “Hasan Piker had sex with my very young pal when he was not so young. It was lawful.

But according to Lavlune, Hasan “denounced men publicly for doing considerably less.”

Hasan didn’t do anything wrong. No doubt nothing immoral either,” she reportedly told Dexerto.

She also let her followers know that she might stop streaming indefinitely.

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