How Many Children Did Jason David Frank Have and Who Was His Wife?

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How Many Children Did Jason David Frank Have and Who Was His Wife?

The TV business is in sorrow following Jason David Frank’s passing; the actor was thrice married and had recently divorced his second wife. The actor was a proud parent to his offspring as well.

On November 20, it was officially announced that Jason had passed away, shocking all of his followers around the world. Social media quickly became flooded with condolence comments for the 49-year-old.

The star was a skilled mixed martial artist who is best recognized for his work in the Power Rangers series. Sadly, the actor’s representative informed TMZ of his passing.

Many of the happy childhood memories that the actor helped create have been recalled by fans.

Who Was Jason David Frank’s Wife?

Shawna Frank was Jason’s first wife; he had previously been married twice. Before filing for divorce in 2001, the couple had been married since 1994 and had lived together for seven years.

How Many Children Did Jason David Frank Have and Who Was His Wife?

Shawna, unlike Jason, has kept her private life out of the public eye and has done so even after their divorce.

After the divorce, Jason later wed Tammie Frank. Tammie is a co-star of My Morphine Drive, a sky driver, and a black belt instructor in Muay Thai.

Before deciding to divorce in August 2022, the couple had been married for 19 years.

How Many Children Did He Have?


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Tammie Frank (@tammie frank) shared a blog entry.

Jason had four kids in all. Hunter, Skye, and Jacob were his three children from his first marriage. Then he and his second wife welcomed Jenna, their fourth child.

Due to his many roles in the Power Rangers series, Jason spent the majority of his time in front of the camera, but he kept his kids out of the spotlight.

However, his ex-wife Tammie frequently posts images of their child online.

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Fans Mourn Childhood Icon’s Death

After the news of his death was confirmed, everyone was rendered speechless. His family hasn’t yet issued a statement, as of yet. However, admirers weren’t slow to share some of their personal memories of the actor.

“#RIPLEGEND you will be missed as every childhood’s famous top favorite Power Ranger Jason,” one person remarked.

“Thank you for the memories OG, you inspired my gen, you made us all want to pursue Martial Arts,” another person said. We will miss you. RIP.”

How Many Children Did Jason David Frank Have and Who Was His Wife?

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Another person commented, “My heart goes out to the family of this magnificent legend.” He was a remarkable individual who had a profound impact on many people both on and off camera. What he taught us and the times I met him will always hold special memories for me. I’m grateful, Jason.

Another person added, “Today, a legend, a childhood memory, and an icon died away.” “Power rangers was a shared interest between my best buddy and I, and learning that the franchise’s face had died killed me from the inside out.”

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