How Many Lionesses Are Gay? The LGBTQ+ England Team Playing in 2023 FIFA

How Many Lionesses Are Gay? Lionesses, the players of the National Women’s Football team of England, have made it to the top of the chart with their nerve wrecking skills and gameplay. Another thing which has recently contibuted to their popularlity is about their sexuality.

The top question on the internet right now is ‘How Many Lionesses Are Gay?’. And it is no surprise after the players themselves came out of the closet to respesent the queer community.

Keep reading the article to know more about the Lionesses who have come out as Gay and to uncover the secret list of Lionesses who are Gay.

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How Many Lionesses Are Gay?

Many Leionness have confirmed to be gay. When it comes to LGTBQ+ representation, women’s sports is far ahead of that of men. Recently, many women athletes have openly talked about their sexuality and association with the queer community. here are a few Lionesses who have come out openly as gay-

Rachel Daly

how many lionesses are gay

An exceptional beauty on and off field, Rachel Daly, who plays both as defender and forward, has made per relationship with Milli Turner public in 2021. The couple shared lovey-dovey pictures on their social media. Turner is also a football player, playing as a defender for Manchester United.

Daly has also shown support to the queer community in sports. In an interview with Daily Mail, she talked aboyt the LGBTQ+ representation after England’s Euro win in 2022.

“I think they’ll get there. It’s a generational thing, some older people [have a problem with it]. But it’s more common now to accept it and be OK with it. I think they’ll lose the stigma eventually.”

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Jess Carter

how many lionesses are gay

A defender and a midfielder who made her debut in 2017, is now making way to people’s hearts not only through her game but her lovely personality as a partner. Sher is currently dating Chelsea teammate and Germany national squad member Ann-Katrin Berger. Carter showed support to Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign in 2021 and openly came forward with it.

“I think I was – and probably still am – more comfortable than Ann is with publicising our relationship. But that is just because Ann is a very private person whereas I am more of a ‘the whole world could know and I wouldn’t really care’ kind of person. Over time and because I will say whatever, she has kind of got used to it and goes with it. She doesn’t shout from the rooftop about it but equally when she is asked it is not a secret either.”

Bethany England

how many lionesses are gay

The Women’s Super League’s Player of the Year 2019-2020 is also openly gay. She is in a serious romantic relationship with a fellow professional footballer who plays for the Oxford Unted, Stephanie Williams.

Lauren Hemp

how many lionesses are gay

Hemp also came out as a proud gay when she confessed to have been in a relationship with Ellie Butler, another football player who plays as a forward for Women’s Championship Club Coventry United.