Mila Kunis Says if She Was Underage when She Worked on That 1970s Show or Not.!

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Mila Kunis verified a persistent claim that she lied about her age to get her breakthrough job as Jackie Burkhart on “That ’70s Show.” Although Kunis was just 14 at the time, the myth suggests that she lied about her age to the show’s producers in order to get an audition because the network was only searching for older teen actresses.

It’s been alleged that I might or might not have lied about my age, Kunis stated. “I want to be very clear right now that I did lie. I did.”

By the time I attended the producer’s network call, though, she said, “you have to sign a contract before you get the job, and in my contract, I had to put an asterisk for studio teacher’.” They said, “What do you mean?” I then said, “Oh, P.S., I’m 14.” But if you ask the creators at that time, they’ll say, “We liked you at that moment, so what did we care?

how old was mila kunis in that 70s show

So, true, Kunis lied about her age to gain an audition, but by the time the show’s filming began, co-creators Bonnie and Terry Turner were well aware of this.

“I was actually the age of the character,” Kunis said. “It was in the heyday of older kids playing smaller youngsters. “At that time, I was never treated unfairly. Another cast member would defend me if I offended one of the actors. I don’t use drugs because no one else on the set does, so At age 14, I admired them. My career could have taken any direction, but the set was cool.

On the upcoming “That ’90s Show” sequel series on Netflix, Kunis will play Jackie once more; however, the streaming service has not yet disclosed a premiere date. Last month, the actor assured fans of “That ’90s Show’s” “extremely charming” quality and vowed that “Anyone who has ever watched or liked ‘That ’70s Show’ will be incredibly thrilled with it.”

how old was mila kunis in that 70s show

How Old Was Mila Kunis in That 70s Show

The rumor that the currently 39-year-old Luckiest Girl Alive actress was 14 years old when she initially auditioned for the role circulated for a long time before being definitively debunked.

Before now! Fortunately, the actress herself provided the response, putting an end to the allegations once and for all. And while some fans may be surprised by the answer, others may proclaim that they already knew it!

how old was mila kunis in that 70s show

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I may or may not have lied about my age for That 70s Show, according to a rumor flying around. I want to be extremely clear right now: I lied. Okay? I did,” the Bad Moms actress said in a shocking interview with Vanity Fair, adding that the casting crew was unaware of her true age until she gently requested a “studio teacher” in her contract. Yikes!

But by the time I attended what was essentially a producers’ or network call, you had to sign a contract in order to be hired. And I had to write “Studio teacher” with an asterisk next to it in my contract. In response, they ask, “What do you mean?” I then said, “Oh, P.S. I’m 14.”

how old was mila kunis in that 70s show

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Who Started the Rumor that Mila Kunis Was Underage?

The story actually began ten years ago, in 2012, when Mila herself discussed her age on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In reference to her initial audition for the show, she admitted, “Legally, I was 14,” disclosing the tricks she employed to trick the casting directors.

“I told them I would be 18 years old, which isn’t really a lie because I once thought I would be that age if everything went according to plan. However, if you spoke to Bonnie and Terry Turner, the series’ creators, at that time, they were very kind and said, “Well, we loved you at that point, so what did we care?”