Is Abbie Chatfield Gay? ‘Am I Just Gay?’ Asks Australian TV Personality!

Is Abbie Chatfield gay? Abbie Chatfield, the multi-talented Australian media personality, television host, radio presenter, and podcaster, has captured the hearts of audiences nationwide with her dynamic career and outspoken personality.

Renowned for her diverse roles in reality television, both as a contestant and host and her current position as a judge on The Masked Singer Australia, Abbie’s influence in the entertainment industry is undeniable.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, she is also a prominent voice in progressive politics, using her platform to advocate for important causes, as evident in her thought-provoking podcast, “It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield.”

With the recent premiere of the latest season of The Masked Singer Australia, questions about Abbie’s personal life, including her sexuality, have once again piqued the curiosity of fans and followers.

In this exploration, we delve into the question: Is Abbie Chatfield gay? Keep reading the article to find the truth about her sexual orientation.

Is Abbie Chatfield Gay?

is abbie chatfield gay

Abbie Chatfield has clarified a number of times that she is bisexual, not gay. Following her competition on Bachelor in Paradise in 2020, Chatfield came out as bisexual.

However, Abbie Chatfield questioned her fans earlier this year if they thought she was a lesbian.

Although the radio host is bisexual, she frequently doubts her sexual orientation because she enjoys thinking about women when she has sex with males.

The 28-year-old inquired, “So I actually have not come just from feeling except for with women, I have to literally disassociate with men,” in an interview for her It’s A Lot podcast as per MailOnline.

“There is still sometimes a man involved in what I’m thinking about, but in my mind, I am thinking about the woman and her enjoying the gang bang.”

‘So, my question is, am I just gay?’

Abbie went on to say that her lesbian friends had told her that since this was not something a bisexual person would normally do, she was most likely gay.

The podcast presenter afterward questioned whether her ADHD was to blame.

‘I feel like also it could be an ADHD thing?” she continued. ‘Where your brain is trying to latch onto something else?’

Abbie asked her Instagram followers for suggestions after sharing a clip of the podcast episode.

‘This is a genuine question: am i a bisexual with adhd that needs extra stimulus or just a lesbian who has compulsory heterosexual tendencies? The Masked Singer judge said.

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Who Is Abbie Chatfield Dating?

is abbie chatfield gay

Rumors on social media suggest that Abbie Chatfield and Australian actor Ryan Corr are dating. On her “It’s a Lot” podcast, Abbie gave multiple clues that sparked fan conjecture.

Her “super talented” Australian mystery man was described by her, and she made hints about his involvement in films.

Significantly, she disclosed that she has been corresponding with her “very attractive” mystery man on Instagram, and it was discovered that Ryan and Abbie follow one another there as well.

Even though Abbie did not specifically disclose Ryan Corr’s name, there is a strong indication from the linkages and hints that they could be dating.

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Even though Abbie’s relationships are so sporadic, she claims to be the queen of monogamy. She was reportedly rumored to be dating American singer Yung Gravy during his February visit, although she later disputed the reports.

After dating non-exclusively for over a year, Abbie ended her relationship with Bachelorette star Konrad Bien-Stephen in August of last year.