Is Adelle Caballero Pregnant? Unveiling the Pregnancy Status of Seasoned Traffic Anchor!

Is Adelle Caballero pregnant? Adelle Caballero, the seasoned traffic anchor for NBC 4 New York’s Today in New York, has become a familiar face for commuters seeking up-to-the-minute traffic updates.

With a career spanning over two decades, Caballero’s journey in broadcasting has taken her from NY1 to News 12 and Clear Channel Media + Entertainment before finding her home at NBC’s flagship TV station in February 2022.

A proud “lifelong resident” of New York and New Jersey, she is not only dedicated to delivering accurate traffic reports but is also deeply committed to her community as per her NBC 4 New York page.

Despite her professional accomplishments, recent rumors have surfaced on the internet suggesting that Caballero might be expecting.

In this article, we delve into the truth behind these speculations and explore the current pregnancy status of this accomplished journalist.

Is Adelle Caballero Pregnant?

is adelle caballero pregnant

Yes, Adelle Caballero is pregnant. Exciting news is in the air for Adelle Caballero, the renowned traffic anchor for NBC 4 New York.

On the first day of 2024, Caballero took to Instagram to share the delightful revelation that she is expecting her second child.

In a heartwarming post, she featured a snapshot of The Good Times newspaper with the headline, “Baby #2 Coming Soon,” spreading the news in a creative and charming way.

Adding to the joy, Caballero disclosed that the little one is due to arrive in June, making it a special summer blessing for the journalist and her family.

Accompanying the announcement was a sweet caption from Caballero herself: “Cheers to 2024! 🍼🤰🏻.”

The post quickly garnered warm wishes from her viewers, with one expressing, “So happy for you! Love this news-themed announcement ❤️.”

The heartfelt reactions highlight the shared happiness and support from her audience as Caballero embarks on this new chapter of motherhood.

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Is Adelle Caballero Married?

is adelle caballero pregnant

Yes, Adelle Caballero is happily married to her husband, Brian. They have been sharing their joyous journey on Instagram, treating followers to sweet family snapshots that reflect the warmth of their relationship.

The couple exchanged vows in 2017, solidifying their commitment to a lifetime together. Their family expanded with the arrival of their son, Aryson Brice, whose journey into the world was joyfully documented by Adelle on Twitter.

In a heartfelt post accompanied by pictures of her growing belly, she expressed gratitude for the support during her pregnancy and shared the anticipation of their upcoming addition.

Aryson made his debut on April 24, 2019, bringing immense joy to the couple. Adelle couldn’t contain her excitement as she announced the arrival of their baby boy on Instagram, revealing the name Aryson Brice.

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Despite the unexpected twists of missing her last day of work and a surprise baby shower, Adelle emphasized that the experience was 1000% worth it.

The couple expressed their appreciation to the pre/postnatal team at NYU Langone for their support during this special time. Adelle Caballero’s journey into motherhood is a testament to the joy and love that defines her family life.