Is Adrian Portelli Gay? The Instagram Post That Sparked Curiosity!!

Is Adrian Portelli gay? Adrian Portelli – a name that’s been on everyone’s lips lately. This high-flying buyer has taken The Block 2023 auctions by storm once again, leaving audiences in awe as he secured not one, not two, but three properties on Charming Street during the 2023 finale.

Hailing from Melbourne and at just 34 years old, Adrian made quite the entrance last year, arriving in a bright yellow Lamborghini and earning the nickname “Mr. Lambo” by placing a jaw-dropping $5.5 million bid on the winning house.

While he may not have clinched the top spot, his purchase of the runner-up’s property with a cool $4.25 million cash left an indelible mark.

With all this newfound fame, curiosity about his personal life has naturally piqued, especially regarding his sexual orientation. To unravel the truth, read on as we delve into Adrian Portelli’s personal life.

Is Adrian Portelli Gay?

is adrian portelli gay

No, Adrian Portelli is not gay. The speculation that he might be gay stems from the limited amount of information available about his personal life in the public domain.

One particular Instagram post from October 2021 added to the rumors and curiosity surrounding his sexual orientation. The post shows him sitting in a bathtub with another man, sharing a drink.

This image led some to speculate about his sexual orientation. However, it’s important to note that Adrian has never publicly discussed his sexuality, and it’s not fair to make assumptions based solely on one social media post.

Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that he has had past relationships with women, which should be taken into account when considering his sexual orientation.

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Who Is Adrian Portelli Dating?

is adrian portelli gay

Adrian Portelli is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend whose name is unknown to the public. He usually keeps his personal life under wraps.

However, he’s got every reason to celebrate now as he’s expecting his first child with his glamorous girlfriend, whose identity remains undisclosed to the public.

The 34-year-old recently confirmed this exciting news to Daily Mail Australia, and sources close to the tattooed businessman reveal that he is ‘beyond excited’ about this new chapter in his life.

This revelation comes just weeks after it was disclosed that his former partner, the stunning brunette Anastasia Iliopoulos, will be a contestant on the upcoming season of The Bachelors.

Anastasia, 31, is said to be one of the finalists for Sydney-based model Ben. She was previously in a long-term relationship with Portelli before their separation in December.

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Adrian Portelli, with an estimated net worth of eye-watering $1 billion as per AFR Magazine, is a multi-millionaire property investor and online promotions guru. While he may keep his personal life private, it’s clear that he’s about to embark on an exciting journey as a parent.