Is Alejandro Fernandez Gay? Unveiling the Sexuality of Mexican Singer!

Is Alejandro Fernandez gay? Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández is one of the best-selling Latin music singers and is known as “El Potrillo” in the media and among his followers.

He has sold over 20 million records worldwide. He first concentrated on traditional, earthy forms of Mexican folk music like mariachi and charro before successfully expanding out into mainstream music.

Throughout his career, he has been honored with two Latin Grammy Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Mexican artist is in the news when it was revealed that Alejandro Fernández and Live Nation will donate a portion of upcoming New York concert funds to Asylum Seekers.

People are now more interested in Alejandro Fernández’s private life, particularly his sexuality, and persistent gay allegations about him have once again acquired traction.

So, is Alejandro Fernandez really gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the Mexican singer’s sexual orientation.

Is Alejandro Fernandez Gay?

is alejandro fernandez gay

No, Alejandro Fernandez is not gay. Unimportant occurrences have a history of being turned into social media catastrophes by the public.
In the case of the Latin pop star, it takes the shape of an awkward snapshot that went viral online in 2016.

The above-mentioned photo of the Mexican superstar, which was taken at a party and showed him looking quite shirtless, messy, and accompanied by two men, leaked online and caused rumors regarding the singer’s sexual orientation.

The picture acquired prominence and provoked a flurry of positive and negative remarks. Before he came out in a gay bar in Las Vegas, people believed Alejandro Fernandez had been a secret gay man.

The “scandal” was even highlighted by a number of international Latin media sites. Alejandro Fernandez attacked the scandal head-on without wasting any time.

He wrote a long, in-depth post on his Facebook page to debunk rumors about the widely circulated image rather than to express his rage. It was later discovered that the photo was taken at a bachelor party at XS in Las Vegas.

In one of the interviews, the Latin music sensation addressed all the questions regarding his sexuality. In a press conference to promote his album “Confidencias” in April 2013, Fernandez addressed the persistent LGBT rumors.

“I am very clear on my sexuality. I like women and a lot.”

Even if we take a look at his dating history he has only dated women in the past which is another solid evidence to prove that he is not gay.

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A Look at Alejandro Fernandez’s Past Relationships

America Guinart

is alejandro fernandez gay

The well-known Mexican singer who won a Latin Grammy was wed to America Guinart for six years. The couple got married in 1992 and divorced in 1998. In 2002, the divorce became legally final. The church, however, refused to grant them a divorce.

Alejandro and America have been friends for all of America’s life. She was just 14 when their relationship began, and she was 21 when she was married to him.

She truly believed their marriage would continue forever since, as a young person, she had rose-colored glasses on and was seeing the world through them. Sadly, Alejandro’s adultery forced them to file for divorce after six years.

America, Camila, and Alex Fernandez were the couple’s three children; two of them followed in their father’s career path. The 1993-born artist Alex is a recipient of a Latin Grammy. On the other side, 1997-born Camila is a singer and an Instagram digital creator.

Ximena Diaz

is alejandro fernandez gay

Alejandro began dating Colombian beauty and actress Ximena Diaz after divorcing his ex-wife. Despite never getting married, they were together for more than seven years.

Emiliano Fernandez and Valentina Fernandez were his children with her. Despite stating in their Instagram bios that they are artists, neither has yet to publish a song of their own.

Although they have only sometimes witnessed them performing on stage with their father and siblings, the skill is obvious.

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Other Relationships

is alejandro fernandez gay

In addition to his two notable partnerships, Fernandez was connected to a number of other women.

The singer dated Mexican model Ayari Anaya (2004–2011), Mexican actress Eiza González (2010–2011), and Mexican model Karla Laveaga (an Instagram sensation from 2011–2015) and reconciled in 2021.

Sometime in 2010, he was also connected to Instagram star and TV personality Gabriela Ramirez.